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  1. Well just before 5pm I caught sight of the crescent Moon. The cloud was moving in right direction and I thought I might pick up Mercury. Well no hope - it went totally cloudy which is still the situation. Getting very frustrated with constant cloud cover.
  2. Neil there has been some debate about this. When I observe the Sun using a front white light filter I add a UV/IR filter into the focuser. I know some will say its not necessary for visual but it gives me some extra assurance. I bought a SvBony filter which was not that expensive.
  3. Nice report Doug. Like John I wonder whether I will see a clear night again. If I do I think I will observe these doubles you mention.
  4. Thanks Michael for the 'heads up'. Checking back in my log I viewed this galaxy in June 2011 and March 2016 so its a good galaxy to have a SN. Hopefully, it will clear the roof at a reasonable time.
  5. Nice report Rob. I used the 12" Dob to see the Trapezium E and F last night but Sirius was a no go. Yes it was rather cold - the BBC stated this morning that Hereford was -5 - no wonder I got cold.
  6. Really enjoyable report Mike. I put out the 12" Dob and started observing around 6.15pm. Views not too bad but the temperature really dropped and the BBC recorded -5 in its report. I was pleased to pick up the PN NGC1535 (Cleopatra's Eye) plus the usual favourites. I also used my 15x70 Apollo Binos to study the Canis Major and Monoceros areas. At 10pm I was getting rather cold so ended the session. Nice to use the big scope again.
  7. Do you own some binos or has your 8" scope got a 50mm finderscope? If so place alpha Tri (Mothallah) in the centre of your FOV. About 5 degrees looking towards Andromeda you will pick up a 6 mag star. Extend your line a further 5 degrees and you will see this hazy glow (M33). I often sit in a reclining chair and view M33 with binos. On a good clear night with good transparency you should pick up NGC 604.
  8. When the sgl management decided to find a new venue for the sgl4 star party I was asked to visit the lucksall caravan site to assess it dark site suitability. I visited the site with my 15x70 celeston binos and viewed both M1 and M33. We have used this site ever since and many members have seen some DSOs for the first time. Hopefully, we will return to lucksall in the future. From home I often view M1 using my Apollo 15x70 binos.
  9. Nice report Dave. Not been able to use my 12" Dob for a while (terrible cloudy weather) so I live and hope that we might get a clear spell to start some observing again.
  10. Thanks for that Paul. I notice that the Widescreen Centre sells this OTA for £899 which for a 4" APO with FPL53 optics seems quite reasonable.
  11. John what I meant was putting in Hb on one side and the UHC on the other. The alternative is to leave one side clear altogether and putting just one filter on the other side.
  12. A very enjoyable read Paul and well done getting up at 4am. I knew that you had sold your ED120 but did you obtain the Tecnosky 102ED F7 FPL53 from new? I always missed the Astro Tech but I would guess that this is an improvement on that.
  13. John I don't think the O-III is recommended for the California Nebula. I would try the Hb and the UHC but some have suggested just using one filter.
  14. Viewing the Messier list can be very satisfying. There are a few that are difficult from the UK especially the globular clusters in Sagittarius. Finding the various objects allows you to get to know the constellations. Not sure which telescope you are using but star hopping using a finder scope certainly helps going to right location. John mentions the Caldwell list which also has some wonderful objects - from the UK you can pick up about 67. I also enjoyed going through the Herschel 400 - there are some difficult objects but there are some brilliant ones as well.
  15. I really enjoy my Apollo 15x70 binos. Like you I usually put in a Hb on one side and the TeleVue Nebustar on the other. I was also pleased to pick up the California Nebula with this set up. Using this arrangement can be very satisfying and so quick to start observing.
  16. @kiwi_outdoorswelcome to SGL. Its nice to have a memory of such a wonderful refractor. By the way I have a Son living in Livermore and often pass through Oakland on the BART on my way to San Francisco.
  17. Although I have a range of scopes up to a 12" Dob I often use my 15x70 Apollo binos. If I screw a H.Beta filter on one side and my TeleVue Nebustar UHC on the other I have been able to obtain a nice view of the California Nebula. I assume I could obtain a similar view using a 60/70mm ish frac with a wide FOV eyepiece. The pleasure sitting under the stars and using whatever size scope just gives me huge enjoyment.
  18. Just been observing the Sun with PST+DS and its worth a look if you can. Some nice Proms (West) and a Filaprom on SE. Still Plage around the Sunspots and a number of Filaments around the surface. The weather is providing a very clear and steady sky. Will try some White Light observing later.
  19. Grant you may find this useful. http://astrospeakers.org/astro-speakers-list.html
  20. Thanks John. Although I have observed M35 many times I don't appear to have observed Propus. Clearly something I most do. All the best John for 2021 and hopefully we will meet up again next year.
  21. Nice to observe John even though its a full Moon. I just took out the Heritage 130P and used the TeleVue 8-24 zoom and the Baader 6mm Classic Ortho. Picked up the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction before it set. Took in a few doubles and ended with the Trapezium.
  22. Just been observing using the PST + DS. Lots of Plage around AR2794 and AR2795. I also counted 6 small filaments on the surface. In addition there are good Proms. Worth a look if you can.
  23. Nick I was only thinking about the highlights of 2020 when your thread came up. Looking back I had some wonderful nights in March/April observing a large number of DSOs in Leo, Ursa Major, Virgo and Coma Berenices. Using my 12" Dob I had the best view of Mars ever and that goes back a few years. Then the delight of seeing Comet Neowise in my Helios Apollo 15x70 binos. I missed Hale Bopp so this has to be my best Comet. I was really pleased to observe all the Planets in a 10 hour period which started very early picking up Mercury. Finally having two nights viewing the Jupiter/Sat
  24. That is very useful information. Several astronomers have quoted 800 years so your explanation sets it out better. Unfortunately I won't make 2080 so I am glad that I had view in my scope this time.
  25. Nice one Stu. It was great to see the event. Pam came out again last night for another look. She was pleased to see Saturn's Rings for the first time.
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