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  1. Further to my recent topic I should have added that anyone not able to attend next Tuesday (like Ryachu who is working). They can contact either Dr Paul Olver on 01432 761693 or email me - details under my profile. Details can then be provided with the proposed astro programme for the remainder of 2008. Mark
  2. Well done Ryachu you beat me to it!! I emailed Paul Olver last night and suggested an announcement on stargazers lounge regarding the new Herefordshire Astronomical Society. A few of us have been working on this new society and as Ryachu stated it will have its first meeting next Tuesday at the Kindle Centre next to the new Asda store close to the Greyfriars River bridge in Hereford City. Free refreshments and 3 mini talks aimed at beginners. The new society will liaise with the Lugwardine Court Astro Centre next to St Mary's R C High School (3 miles from Hereford - dark skies) which recently
  3. I am looking to buy a refractor, in the main to view DSOs and star clusters etc. I know that a large lightbucket Newt or SCT might be best but I just prefer refractors. I have been looking at the short focus f5 Startravel and wondering what experience someone might have had with this scope. I expect that CA will be a problem but its main use will not be Lunar and Planets and if I buy a fringe killer I guess this will be ok!!! If I buy this scope I hope to support it on the new SkyTee alt az mount rather than an equatorial mount so that it becomes a large grab and go. Any views about the scope
  4. Has anyone bought one of these mounts? There seems to be 3 makes available - Bresser Giro twinview, WO Ez Touch and the new SkyTee Heavy Duty. I want to load a WO SD66 on one side and a larger refractor on the other - possibly as big as the Startravel 150 f5 OTA which weighs 9/10kg. Any opinions on any of these products especially the maximum weight that can be carried.
  5. Thanks TJ but sorry Coventry is not nearby and the other bad information for you is that I am not a leggy busty redhead with dreamy green eyes!!!! Anyway the advice you have given seems logical so I might give it a go. Thanks again and behave yourself Mark
  6. I am thinking of buying the celestron radial (off axis) guilder to take astro photos through my SCT using my Canon 10D DSLR. If you focus the eyepiece side of the guider can I assume that the camera is in focus as well?
  7. I have a Canon 10D DSLR and I am considering the installation of one of these filters. Has someone done a home installation? Was it easy and has it worked improving astro photos?
  8. Thanks Ian and 'Steppenwolf' I bought a bracket for the Nexstar5 but the Alt-Az mount, although keeping the objects in the FOV, moves in a circular motion so photos are no good. I know you can buy a Nexstar mount with a wedge which is £130ish or a proper Wedge for nearly £200 - but I did want to spend that much on the Nexstar system when I already paid for a Nexstar tripod. I would like to remove the scope from the existing mount and place a dovetail between them, so that it can be balanced better, but have been too afraid to do it. Not sure if anyone has been successful doing this task on the
  9. I wish to undertake some prime focus astrophotography with my WO SD66 using my Canon 10D SLR. However, all my mounts are Alt-azimuth so I need to purchase a new mount. Clearly the logical answer would be to buy an equatorial mount but I am wondering about the new SupaTrak mount included with the new Skywatcher 127 Mak. Although new to astro photography I am guessing that most of my exposures will be 60secs ish but stacked to create a better image. Has anyone used their new Mak scope and mount to take photos? Is the tracking of this mount good enough? Mark
  10. Graham If you wish to purchase a Canon 400D unmodified camera I have found that the best camera price comparison site is - www.camerapricebuster.co.uk The best price is currently £345 for the Canon 400D without lens. Mark
  11. Bad news Rob the Hyperion will NOT come to focus. Mark
  12. Rob I recently bought a Hyperion 17mm but I have not tried to use it on the WO SD66 with the Antares 2" SCT attached. Give me 30 minutes and I will post the result!! Mark
  13. Hello Rob Not wishing to query any previous answers. I have a WO SD66 and decided to use my Antares 2" SCT diagonal which I purchased for my Nexstar 5. Whereas my Moonfish 2" 30mm will focus none of my other 1.25" eyepieces will. I was advised that to obtain focus you must purchase a WO diagonal. I have not tried an extension. I now use just the 1.25" diagonals!! Mark
  14. Thanks for the information - I have decided to drop the idea of the Celestron refractor. I think the recommendation to go for a 8" SCT is the best way forward. I have a good knowledge of the sky for star hopping so won't need a goto. Thanks again. Mark
  15. Hello I joined Stargazers' Lounge today and I would appreciate some feedback on the Celestron Omni XLT 120 Refractor. I currently use a Celestron Nexstar 5 but I wish to purchase a more appropraite scope to view the Moon and the planets - hence a refractor! Has anyone an opinion on the Omni 120? Will I get an improved image over the Nexstar 5? Finally, has anyone a view on a better scope for viewing the Moon and Planets without going to a 4" APO?
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