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  1. nice images you have there, keep up the good work!
  2. First night for me this year with great clear skies. A better result from my one last year with 21 minutes total exposure. For some reason I totally forgot to do any darks and flats haha M45 - Pleiades by SrsBzns1, on Flickr
  3. honestly, some people would be willing to pay like £100 which is way over what I'd spend haha
  4. I have taken the case off and crushed the LED's, and I am now trying to take the board out to then take out the red glass filter.
  5. Hey all, just purchased an xbox cam to mess around with. I have managed to pry open the cover to get inside but I am having real difficulty with the 2 small screws on the main board. I am using the correct sized jewlers screwdriver but can't seem to get the grip as they are very tightly screwed in. An tips on this would be helpful
  6. haha yeah it is! Felt like I was doing it again for the first time haha
  7. Just took my telescope out for the first time since April. Sadly a lot of my photos had trails even though I was only doing 60second exposures which should have been fine on the HEQ5, it hasn't been used in a while so might have to look into that. M31 - Andromeda by SrsBzns1, on Flickr M27 - Dumbbell Nebula by SrsBzns1, on Flickr
  8. so I will be trying to get flats next time, do I want dark flats or light flats? or both hehe
  9. Took me forever to find this and then managed to get 29 minutes worth of light frames, 8 minutes of darks all stacked in DSS. Not too sure what to do in processing but this looked as good as anything. Just only one real question about this though, is it normal for this to have a lack of any 'colour'. Took these with my Canon 600D M81-M82 by SrsBzns1, on Flickr
  10. Here is an image of M109, 6x 30s stacked in DSS. Total beginner here so not too sure if this is any good but seeing as I had to guess where this was in the sky in relation to the starts I'm pretty happy M109 by SrsBzns1, on Flickr
  11. Just spent some more time in the garden, managed to get a few shots of M42 but most were blurry and I only managed to get 4 fairly good shots. 4x 30s @ ISO 800 Not sure it looks right, focus might slightly off but I'm happy with it so far OrionStacked by SrsBzns1, on Flickr
  12. and missed out on Andromeda and Orion with them being so low in the sky. Not had my telescope long, really want to start getting some images but being a massive noobie have only just been playing about. The weather has been terrible lately with so many clouds So today, even thought I came home late and missed the good stuff, I instead did some random shot of Mars and other stars. I did get one DSO though...I think haha Phad | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Still learning the sky but I'm pretty sure that this is Phad in Ursa Major and the slight grey/brown haze at the bottom right is M109?
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