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  1. The mirrors are supposed to be the same, but the Edge HD versions have additional correcting lenses up the baffle tube to sort out the coma and field curvature. There's quite a substantial difference in price for that! But if you use ultra wide (82 degree) or wider eyepieces, the Edge HD makes the stars nice and sharp across the FOV, the non-HD can't. If you stick to 68-70 aFOV EPs and below, you should be OK with the non-HD.
  2. We're also coming into Glob season, so on top of all the juicy galaxies swamp thing mentioned, globs M3 M5 M92, and M10 M12 and M14 a little bit later. Leaving globs behind, M57 is a nice bright nebula to get started on, and later in the night (earlier, later in the summer!) Cygnus and all the lovelies in the Milky Way will be overhead
  3. The LX600 is intended as an imaging platform rather than a visual one... f/8 with a _huge_ secondary obstruction, compared with the f/10 models, makes it less ideal for visual. If you want big, LX200 is the way to go on a fork, as the Celestron CPC stops at 11". Neither is particularly slow at moving about the sky, but everything is relative. On the GEM side, at least the setup comes apart in relatively manageable pieces, obviously depending on the size... a CG5/VX/EQ5 will handle up to a C9.25 and is quite light compared to an EQ6. The Skywatcher AZ/EQ6 GT has a decent load capacity and allows manual slewing without the computer losing track of where it is. Don't be put off by power requirements though... my little 7Ah power tank keeps my C11+NEQ6 running for 4+ hours (it's never ran out yet!) One neat feature of this mount is that you can mount a second smaller scope as counterweight, so a nice small widefield refractor would be a great complement to a big SCT
  4. They're very difficult to find Alan, or so I'm told, unless using that thing called the "internet" (ignore me I'm just being Saturday morning obnoxious ) Don't intend to part with mine, although I must say the 25/100 makes the 30/82 a bit redundant anyone want one, at a reasonable price of course
  5. But aren't the Delos just clones of the Pentax anyhow?
  6. You could be lucky and get a slip that says "too big to fit through your letterbox", still not quiet though
  7. Well all I can say is thanks for bringing the sun up with you Alan After 2 nights lounging as stargazers do, I'm crackered TFI Friday tomorrow. What happens if you put 2 eyepieces shiny barrel to shiny barrel
  8. The 8" has almost 2x the light grasp of the 6", so if money is no object go for the 8". It makes a difference, light polluted or not. In my street, it makes a big difference on something like M13, for example. Also, at the prices listed, the 8"+ VX mount is well worth the extra £125 IMO. The 6SE is a great setup, the 8SE introduces a little focussing wobble, but if you're careful you can work around it. It's also a great portable setup. But the VX isn't large or heavy (although heavier than the SE mount) and is only a bit more complicated to setup. It's the easiest EQ I've ever seen (but that's not exhaustive!), and was very stable with a C8 on board.
  9. Time is just a perception, Alan I didn't pay as much as you as I bought completely legally in the US and was within my customs allowance to bring it back to the UK. TeleVue are an American company, they'll not turn down a sale. But you're absolutely right, they're a darn fine eyepiece Ethos or not, and I'm darn well going to get my money's worth
  10. As they say... it's not what you've got that counts, but what you do with it A good memory is a good thing to have but it's more a case of how you process the memories and all the inbound information that makes the difference. There's a fine line between perfectionist and obsessive. Rationalisation is the counterbalance. I'll use the ES analogy here. We all know (pretty certain?) that the Naglers are better than the ES82s, but the rational part is that the ES82s are roughly 90% of the experience and a fair bit cheaper, so it's easier to collect a nice spread of EPs for all occasions. If money were/is no object, then we'd all throw caution to the wind and have the best we could lay our hands on, all for the few nights the weather chooses to cooperate. As Russell put it yesterday, how many hours do we need to put in to net enough to buy these things But I like my toys as much as the next man, and I work hard for them. They're not always the same as everyone else's. But they suit me. When I buy something, it's because I've done my research and already rationalised it (ok, sometimes on impulse ), and understand the strengths and weaknesses and estimated how much it's likely to affect my enjoyment. I like things where I am the limiting component in the chain. But it's all too easy to get caught up in the obsessive side, we have way to many cloudy nights sitting in here reading, writing, getting frustrated. You can see evidence of it in countless threads, mostly here in the Eyepiece discussions It's just a question of finding the sweet spot. And then the happy place. For me, I enjoy all the researching, understanding and rationalising steps, and the sweet spot is realising my choice. The happy place is a clear night under the stars using it, warts or otherwise
  11. I don't think so, or at least, not for me! It's part of the fun building a target list, having a home list and a "darker" sky list, thinking about what EPs to use, even which scope to use we're striding into glob season, so I'm taking any opportunity I can. I've looked at M13, M92, M3, M5 and M53 several times in the past week in the different scopes though Never ending possibilities right up above us, when the clouds cooperate
  12. Have you got one of those tartan shopping wheelies? Btw, I got out last night, only for an hour and half of viewing, but been working all day the eyes were pretty tired already. The Moon, right on cue, jumped in with both feet and Saturn was the "only" thing worth watching after that
  13. How much are flights to Bulgaria anyhow? There's a guy in here building an astro resort
  14. Sorry Russell, we're going to have to agree to disagree on this one Royal Mail is the sovereign mail carrier for this country, and it is their duty to deliver mail. They employ people to carry out all manner of issues specific to carrying mail. It's what they do. It should be covered by their overall operational charges. It's not like they miss a trick to put up the price of stamps any other time. I work in a global organisation... my boss doesn't give me the leeway to hire someone over in the US just because there are some duties that require attention over there. He tells me to get on a deal with it. It's part of my job. People are so content keeping themselves to their little cubes and shirking anything outside of it these days, it's a wonder any businesses survive in this country Now, where does that soap box go now I'm finished with it? Or am I ...
  15. No, they charge us for the "convenience" of calculating duty+vat due and paying it for us on our behalf. And I bet they don't pay customs squat until we've picked it up. In this day of computerised systems at every stage, it's nothing short of a disgrace IMO, and the government even passed legislation to permit them do it. What grates me is that we are not given the choice. I'm perfectly capable of doing my own basic maths and filing with her majesty's finest...
  16. I would say "break a leg" Alan, but that sounds strangely inappropriate rest the eye, just in case we have some freak weather
  17. You owe it to your EPs to test them in whatever new scope you get, nobody else round here seems to be brave enough and we all want to know how they hold up at the faster end of the tube I don't count of course because my scopes are f/10 besides the little 'frac of course
  18. Thanks for the summary John! It's always good to have options... BCO sounds like a bargain to me, shame about the range of FL Russ - As much as I like HO's, AHO just sounds a little bit less kerbside Graham - there's always room for more
  19. So wait....I'm getting confused The Hutech are a retooled BGO but selling for a tenner more. The BCO is no good? For 40 notes less?
  20. Charges are... 4% duty based on the specified item value plus shipping cost 20% vat on the sum of duty, value and shipping £8 charge "for our convenience"
  21. Maybe try one of the new AVX mounts? They sound like a good match for the C8. Once you've balanced once (fully loaded), add the safety clamp flush with the puck and cheat...there's no need to re-balance if you leave the safety clamp in place. The C8 only needs a small counterweight too, and you can mark the bar with a permanent marker. Then get one of those Starsense gizmos. Job done. There are ways and means...
  22. All of the above The SE mount is less wobbly than the SLT mount, and the 6" ota is well suited to the SE mount. However, if you observe from a hard surface, don't be surprised to get some wobble, it is still a single fork arm (half fork?) after all. The 8" ota on the same mount is noticeably more wobbly, but it can be worked around with a little patience (note the natural "upgrade" path should you be so inclined!) As for the 6" vs 127 ota... the 6 has about 50% more light grasp so will be superior on DSOs if you're interested in those. Planet-wise, it's about a wash (from my experience), but I'd like to put them head-to-head on a good night... but how often do we get one of those
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