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  1. Hi folks, Learning - well, at least, reading - more and more every day and hopefully getting closer to the day of the first scope. Initially I thought a 200p Dob would be the biz, and I'm sure it would be (maybe with a bit more experience), but with getting cold feet over not seeing anything (that's another thread!), I'm looking at alternatives.... Will I be able to bag any DSOs with one of these? First Light Optics - Celestron Nexstar 127 SLT Or is the ap just too small to collect enough light? Dark site necessary? Some of the images I've seen here from other guys/gals have been pretty promising from a planetary perspective. I'm sure my mind will (be) changing again before I pull the trigger, but it looks like a nice little scope to get started and seeing things and if all goes well I'll possibly supplement/upgrade next season. Any thoughts always appreciated
  2. Surprised nobody else has mentioned this... Star Bar ? Yellow wrapper makes them easier to see in low light.
  3. I've got TLAO 2011 edition on pre-order... expected delivery date of 30/9 so I guess we'll find out soon! Otherwise using Stellarium (great) and SkySafari, which I'm enjoying too. Very detailed.
  4. This is great - OP must have been reading my mind as I wanted to ask this too
  5. Great - thanks! Looks like I have lots more to learn and think about (and penny count!)
  6. Thanks for the tips folks! If I were to get cold feet about not having goto, what would be a good second choice?
  7. Great - thanks all! What accessories are essential to get started?
  8. Hello everyone, I've been intermittently gazing up since my teens, but now with a little more time and resources on my side, I'm eager to get started and see what I can see! Following an enjoyable first night with the 15x70 Skymasters, I'm slowly starting to familiarise myself with the sky again, with the help of Distant Suns and Stellarium, given that lack of cooperation from the weather recently. I'm looking forward to many more enjoyable nights out both at home and away. I've joined a local society to get me out meeting fellow stargazers and learn and enjoy all I can. There's a fair amount of light pollution where I live, so I'm hoping to get some pointers for good dark sites within easy reach. The back garden is well shielded from direct light sources, and gives a half decent view from north-east to south, so I'm hoping that at least gives me some sky to start with. So....... I'm looking for a starter scope (strictly speaking, not my first as I've dug my 1960s era 60mm refractor out of the attic - but it needs proper cleaning!), but in no particular rush, maybe looking to buy in the next month or so as I don't want to miss too much of the viewing season! Of course, I want the perfect balance (which I know doesn't exist!)... Whatever I buy needs to be suitable for back yard viewing yet readily portable for missions into darkness (car is no trouble) and easy to setup once I'm there I'd like to be able to observe galaxies, nebulae and clusters, and also planets. Anything I've missed? I'm not planning on doing any imaging just yet, although that is something I'd be interested in later on I'm deliberately avoiding GOTO as I feel it might impede my learning I'm uncertain which mount would be most suitable - again, to get started I favour ease of use and setup I haven't settled on a budget yet, although given that I want to get started soon, I'll probably only have £3-400 to start with. My dream 'scope would probably be an LX200 or similar beast, but I expect it will stay a dream Life permitting, I'd be looking at complementing/upgrading in a couple of years I hope I've been learning from all the reading I've been doing here in the lounge recently and that I'm heading in the right direction. I also expect I'll have a lot of questions to come Anyways, wrapping up all my rambling (still awake?), I'm currently thinking along the lines of one of the Skywatcher reflectors, like the 200p. Is there anything else I should be seriously considering? Any other advice, tips and suggestions are very much welcomed! Thanks, Dunkster
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    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I'm still patiently waiting - hoping - for the sky to clear one of these nights so I can get out there with the bins, but the forecast is not looking good for the next couple of days either
  10. Dunkster

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    Thanks everyone! Weather not looking good for the next couple of days
  11. Dunkster

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    Hi All - just getting started, this being my first post and all. Long been looking up, but now setting some time aside to do something! Got myself a pair of Celestron 15x70 binoculars, hoping for some better weather soon! Thanks for all contributing to a great site, looking forward to looking up
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