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  1. Wow, that's not as big as I was expecting look forward to your first light
  2. Just my opinion of course, but it looks like you've got the wide sky covered pretty well faulksy so how about something around 200x, 11 - 13mm? A nice planetary, if you like that kind of thing
  3. Congrats on your new scope Patrice! When I upgraded from the 6SE to the 8, it was the resolving of globs even from my light polluted suburb that impressed me the most. As you already have some ES in there, I can recommend the ES82 14 and 11mm - I bet they'd be even better with your ACF
  4. Have you considered the Edge HD 8 combined with the Advanced VX mount? It's barely any heavier and bought together saves you around $600! I really like the look and feel of the iOptron stuff, but it's pricey, and feedback so far on the AVX is generally positive (biggest criticism is coffee grinder noise at highest slew rate) On the eyepiece front... any of the TV EPs will work very nicely in the 8, but you should consider what objects you wish to view before plonking your cash down. For example, a 10mm Delos or Pentax XW would be nice for planetary, then something around 13 or 14mm in an 82 degree (or 100) for sucking in globs, etc. and for wide field, you can save the money on the beastly Ethos or mega Nagler by buying an 80-or-so mm refractor and use the shorter FL EPs. Or just get something like the Astro Titan II 40mm, or TMB Paragon if you can find one on the used market. And a pair of binoculars
  5. Is that an Ethos in your pocket, Alan - or are you just pleased to see me
  6. Nice one Stu, sounds like a great night out
  7. How about disengaging the clutches and using the setting circles?
  8. Is it really cloning if the original manufacturer chooses to sell them to different distributors/brands? More badge engineering? (struggling for a better term!)
  9. Come on Alan, where's your usual sense of no fear? You must be in need of a nice 6" apo
  10. Nice one Malc, glad you got a good night out The click lock makes such a difference on an EQ mount
  11. Everyone is different... in another thread today, one of the guys was describing how he disliked slow slewing scopes Again, my opinion only, but the slewing speed is largely irrelevant, but the noise may or may not disturb the neighbours! Mine can go swing I don't know for sure, but there are supposed to be motor and power upgrades the the Deluxe, along similar lines to the CG5->VX changes. I'm not even convinced of any handset software differences, but it will depend on the age of stock...even the (cheaper) Nexstars have the new handset. From what I've heard, the CPC was no slouch in its accuracy and tracking, and very solid host for the ota. Again, my Nexstar surprises me sometimes and that's only single-arm!
  12. Personally, I don't like metal screws digging in to the side of my eyepiece barrels... the Celestron has these, the WO doesn't
  13. Yeah, I'd second a good quality 2" diagonal. You WILL want to put heavy, longer focal length eyepieces in it. I'd go as far as to say you owe it to yourself, and the scope, to do it real justice if you wanted to save money for a rainy day, you've come to the wrong place If the scope suffers from mirror shift/flop (all SCTs do to a greater or lesser extent), a crayford is a solution, but for visual I find being gentle with the focus knob can work wonders besides, there are mirror locks on the HD scopes which (so I've read but not tried) you can engage for fine focussing. Also, I haven't experienced a problem with cooling, but I do tend to think/plan ahead. If I think I might use it, I stick it in the porch for an hour beforehand, and by the time I've faffed with the GEM it's fine. Not saying that fans won't help, just that they're a solution to a problem that may or may not exist, but YMMV. I don't find my C11 HD is any more problematic than my C8.
  14. Someone cleverer than me would be able to calculate the angular rotation relative to the size of the pixels and therefore the maximum exposure you'd be able to get away with. Failing that, I think you're going to be OK for 10s, maybe more. I'll be interested to hear how you get on, as I'm in a poor LP area and interested in video too. Regarding cooling... if it's permanently mounted in your obsy, that should minimise/eliminate cooling time unless we have a hot summer with cool nights... what are the odds? FWIW, the 1100 is only 3kg heavier than the 925 (29kg vs 26kg for the fork+ota), but gives you 40% or more light grasp than the 925. Worth considering if you're interested in non-video visual too.
  15. Btw, having "gained experience" on what shortcomings to look for from you guys, and experimenting whenever I get the chance, I have to say I don't subscribe to the myth that everything is OK at f/10. It is an ongoing (expensive!) experiment I think it's fair to say... less demanding but at this point I reckon I could tell, if blindfolded, that the Ethos was in the diagonal
  16. The HD reducer (0.7x) is supposed to introduce nothing, as it was designed for AP. It's full aperture too, so I'm not sure what max field could practically be achieved. It'd be an interesting experiment (erm... hello... morning boss... i'm going to be late in today... )
  17. Tomorrow is looking promising I still only have f/10 scopes though... excepting the little 'frac the Dob mob will never be happy with anything we'd have to report
  18. LOL boy are you in for a surprise :D If you're under about 6ft tall, it's taller than you and likely heavier
  19. I've recently had a play with the new VX mount and - coming from an EQ6 owner - it's substantially smaller and lighter. I didn't go for the CPC originally because I can't lift the weight (and the ridiculous prices of the Edge HD CPC...) and the EQ6 is more manageable in that respect. Still effort, but breaking down into pieces it's doable. The VX on the other hand, I could lift easily - I tried this without the ota but with counterweight, and with the tripod retracted it's not that big. The tripod of a CPC is pretty big in itself, but like you say, the footprint remains the same regardless. Not sure about the field rotation though... I guess that would depend on the integration time period. For the ota size... I don't know the resolution of your camera, but given that it's using integration anyway, aren't you just as well off with a C8 than go through all the extra effort with a bigger ota? Of course, greater light grasp and resolution and all, but isn't the frame integration somewhat compensating for the light grasp? (forgive me if I misunderstand )
  20. My comment was tongue-in-cheek, and it's been said before, but still it raises some interesting points and I agree with all of 'em Strikes me as a real shame that Pentax aren't really interested all that much in astro, indeed what would they really be capable of if they tweaked for astro? Would they even need to be tweaked? The 1.25" designs seem to hold their own with a much more recent design from renowned astro specialists. When all is said and done, I don't think anyone can go far wrong with either. The Delos is available in more and different focal lengths. The XWs were once available in 2" too, but no more. I went with the shorter XW because I already had the XW40 and like sets that look the same
  21. There's also the 30mm available for pre-order over the pond... My first impressions of the 25 are positive, but if any of you guys with 21 Ethos or 31 Nags are in the neighbourhood on a clear night, it'd be an interesting comparison
  22. Not trying to be funny, but have you seen the size of the CPC
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