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  1. I got the Feathertouch for my C11. Not the cheapest thing on earth, but excellent quality piece of kit and makes it much easier to hit that sweet spot
  2. Malc - I did myself an injury (actually, agitated an old one!) first time out with my C11... trying to bear wrestle the beast into the puck. Then m.tweedy pointed me at one of these... http://www.ebay.co.u...=item3f178a6bd3 And I scratched my head. What you're paying for is the little clamp under the dovetail. Looks unassuming. All I can say is _invaluable_ Clamp one or two onto your dovetail the first time you use them, sort of in the right place. Position the puck vertically, loosen the puck clamp, drop the dovetail into the puck with the puck below the clamp (if one clamp), or between the clamps (if two clamps used) and tighten up the puck clamp. Nice and simple! Just never let go of the ota at any time, just to be safe. The NEQ6 is pretty beastly too with the tripod legs even slightly extended, so I find I can rest the ota on my shoulder and hold the handle with one hand, while tightening the puck clamp with the other. Once you've got the ota in the balanced position, leave the clamp(s) on the dovetail and the next time you go to use your scope, you know where it should go, and it drops on the puck really easily, quickly and (relatively) safely. Much less hassle than leaving it to guesswork. Oh wait, just occurred to me the C9.25 could be had in either Losmandy or Vixen style dovetails I wonder if he does a Vixen-style version? Either way, I'd orient the puck in its home position and slide the ota in from forward and above, with you standing behind it (facing Polaris) - on the one hand, gravity is helping to slide the dovetail through the puck to its destination, but also you're there to catch/cushion it if it goes pear shaped I should add that more seasoned EQ experts will undoubtedly have a better way
  3. Yeah it all comes down to build quality, smoother edges and bling If you wanted the less expensive option in the UK, this looks remarkably similar to the TS diagonal http://www.telescope..._Quartz_LX.html I have one for my C8 (on alt/az) and it stays on and in position. It works well, has compression rings for holding the EP (both 2" and in the 1.25" adapter), the only thing that causes me angst is that the screws for the compression rings are not captive, and I've almost lost them on more than one occassion on my hands and knees the next morning, rifling through the grass I don't know about the screws on the WO, but they're generally a gentle upgrade in fit and finish, so if that's worth the extra £ to you, then you probably won't be disappointed with the WO.
  4. Wow that's quite a beast! Makes the 20T5 look small
  5. Which type of mount are you using with your C8... an alt/az or an equatorial? If it's alt/az, the WO 2" comes with an SCT adapter, which will lock it in place. On an EQ, the SCT adapter isn't so useful but the Clicklock visual back is, since you can easily unlock, rotate, and lock the diagonal so you can put the eyepiece in a comfortable orientation. An EQ with the Clicklock vb and WO diagonal should work equally well, probably the only noticeable difference would be the clamp itself (WO is compression ring). I've no experience of photography so I can't help with that, but using a focal reducer and 2" diagonal are kind of crossed purposes. From a visual point of view, the focal reducer is mostly useful for avoiding using 2" eyepieces (and associated size and weight), although it apparently does some field correction also. Eyepiece-wise, I'd agree with the other guys my most used focal ranges are from 10-14 in my C8, the ES82 11mm getting the most eye time - not necessarily because it is the best optically (it's very good!) but because it is most versatile, being sharp and giving a wide field of view.
  6. Ahhhh, so now I get it... that's what you Dob owners have to do to get a more comfortable viewing position Hope the views are worth the black eye
  7. Yes indeedy, a little 'frac is a C11's best friend Another item for your shopping list... nice long focal length eyepiece... SWA 40, Aero 40, Panoptic 41, LVW42, XW40 or similar. Some people swear by the TV plossl 55mm, which gives the same amount of sky. Oh and a click lock visual back - for the C11 you'd need the 3.25" version. Saves no end of time and frustration getting the EP in a comfortable viewing position when the EQ mount has been throwing the eyepiece around like it's juggling it
  8. Yeah see I'm sure this reeks of my inexperience (I use goto too shock horror!), but I can't see how on earth I'd get a view of anything through that little peep hole
  9. You sir, are a bad bad man, dropping Scooby snacks like that
  10. Only echoing earlier posts, but the EQ6 is a much happier match for the C11...it just looks right, in proportion
  11. Congrats on your new scope the 11 is a good chomp of light You will need a dew shield, and a heater strap for the more dewy nights
  12. So long as you've got the more recent dual puck it'll fit. It should be rock solid on the NEQ6....I use my C11HD and some hefty eyepieces (the ES 25 is 1.2kg!) and it's like they were made for each other the 9.25 is a couple of kgs lighter so the mount should find it a breeze.
  13. I'd also go with the ES82 11mm... it's a great little eyepiece
  14. I also use one or more heavy-ish eyepieces on my SCTs. When I setup, I plan which eyepieces I intend to use and balance using one somewhere in the middle weight-wise.
  15. Or, for about the same price as the XF, order from http://www.explorescientific.de/eyepieces-c-8964.html
  16. The 20 would show a good bit of sky in any of those scopes The focal length of the C11 is 2800mm and I like to use my 17mm Ethos in it as much as possible (got to justify the spend somehow ) but the views are just stunning. I've used it for both planetary and globs The 14 (either 82 or 100) should be a safe bet too... 200x in the C11 is not too much to ask of a half decent night, or would give a nice framing picture of globs in a C9.25. And that's just the SCTs... you have other scopes too Oh and congrats on your clicking, btw
  17. I use the 30mm in my SCTs and it gives very satisfying and immersive views, and I find it very comfortable to use too. In the C11 it gives about 93x so the sky is already giving good contrast with pin points all over Btw, if you're considering an SCT, maybe use that to steer your dilemma. Just bear in mind the longer focal lengths involved...the 14mm is 200x in the C11 for example. I've never used the 11mm in the C11, but at about 185x it's pretty much my most used EP in the C8...dark sky, sharp stars.
  18. Great find - thanks for posting What view setting should I use for an EQ6 polar scope?
  19. Lovely setup indeed Michael and what a finder scope how does it attach to the ota, if you don't mind my asking? The C8 is such a versatile and portable scope, can't imagine parting with mine!
  20. At the cheerful end of the scale, I use a mini Porta with my ZS71...it's lightweight with the aluminium tripod, and steady enough if you don't extend the legs far. The slow motion controls are a key feature. The tripod is 72cm long with the head detached, so it still needs a fair sized suitcase to fit inside, or alternatively clipped to your carry on bag depending on how heavy your scope is when loaded, this may not be beefy enough though.
  21. Tracking must be a boon for imperfect eyepieces I almost find the eye relief too much never was one to follow the crowd
  22. 24 Pan is a beauty, pin sharp in my little 'frac and little cat, can't imagine it'd be any less spectacular in your 9.25
  23. Sounds like a great deal so long as it's in good shape, it's a lot of scope for the money. On the EQ6 it'll be cracking
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