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  1. Alan's right, 165x or so would be a great mag for globs, that are up in abundance at this time of year. However for a little extra you can get the ES100 in a 14mm http://www.explorescientific.de/explore-scientific-100deg-eyepiece-14mm-p-22836.html?currency=GBP Supposed to be very close to the Ethos, the wider sibling of the Delos. There must be someone in here using the extreme wides in a C9.25, but there is a chance for scope induced coma and field curvature...the field is supposed to be flatter in the C9.25 than the other SCTs, so the scope shouldn't make too much of a mess of it
  2. Thanks for the starter John, look forward to the main course Sounds like it's an eye opening experience (sorry couldn't help it )
  3. And what does the wife say now, Barry only kidding
  4. Geez, and only the other day I was labelled as being easily encouraged :D
  5. Wow, that's a huge difference in price. The sale prices in the UK make them more or less even.
  6. I think it depends on your scopes. The C11 for example, likes a diet of long focal length eyepieces and appreciates quality ones (or maybe its owner does ). Then there is some overlap between what is useful for the C11 and C8, before a few others that are C8 or smaller scope specific. Then there's the loading... I'm a bit more conscious (now) about what I load up on the nexstar mount vs the EQ. Then there's my little travel scope....focal length 1/7 that of the C11 and sits on a lightweight aluminium mount... likes a diet of only small light-ish EPs with at small barlow...but thrives on its diet no less! For a session, I typically take a handful of EPs out with the scope, but normally end up using only 2 or 3, but it really depends on my targets for the night and more if I take a backup scope...like the other night, I took the little 'frac as well as the C8... so I had the 40, 20, 14, 11, 10, 8.8 and a barlow I'll get my coat...
  7. Yoooooouuuu shall not paaaasssssss!
  8. Barry, your 20mm is the ES100 isn't it? The FOV of that and a 24mm 82 degree would be very close and the 20 would render it better.... However, if you feel like you have enough eyepieces, you clearly don't have enough scopes isn't that right, Alan?
  9. Given your current Pentax collection, an XW 14mm sounds like it's screaming "pick me!" ... then you can mull over the 12T4 situation some more and see how much use the 14 gets, not like the resale value on either the TV or Pentax are terrible should you change your mind
  10. Suddenly, schoolboy innuendo seems so appropriate, yet inappropriate
  11. I'd say the 9, 14 and 25 would give you a really nice spread of FOV, my guesses are that gives you 60x, 107x and 167x, roughly 1.6, 0.9 and 0.6 degrees FOV. 25 for wide, 9 for busting globs, etc. Not sure about what the 14 is useful for other than a nice view With the 25/100 you're sacrificing a small (5%?) amount of total FOV compared with the 30/82 (the 25 has the smaller field stop according to ES), but other than that it's a question of how you want to experience that view If you really wanted to push the boat out, there is a 9mm 120 degree model... very rare beasties, not surprisingly with their price tag
  12. Sounds peaceful... nobody nagging about the washing up when you're blatantly on SGL, nobody telling you what to wear, where to live, or questioning what on earth I was planning on doing with another scope...
  13. That'll be an interesting experiment Alan, that should make it slightly faster than your LX But I'd guess sticking your 41 Pan on the back without the reducer might give better "wide" views
  14. Trying to escape the clouds Malc, they'd better not try following me...
  15. LOL I survived the trip but updating of the user profile is all caught up in the jet lag much the same as the rest of my humanly functions (need I say more )
  16. The 30/100 should be OK on the LX Alan, the rear cell of SCTs is cast in iron/steel, so the cell thread should be pretty strong. After all, people hang additional focusers, filter wheels, OAG and DSLR/CCD cameras off the back Whether it's so useful on a Mak is another question. Whether there'd be any gain would depend on the baffle tube diameter which I expect - along with the smaller secondary - is narrower than the larger SCTs...iirc it's 54mm in diameter on the C11, so plenty of room to go over what 2" EPs can accomodate
  17. Size isn't everything, Malc I've found the best views aren't always the biggest, but the crispest (correction: the views I've personally been happiest with) Given a focal length of 2350 for the C9.25, anything shorter than the 10 probably won't get used much, unless you happen to pick nights of exceptional seeing. It does happen from time to time though, so never say never, but it might not be money best spent. My best views of the gas giants to date were at 165x for Jupiter (C11, 17mm) and 200x for Saturn (C8, 10mm). Luck of the draw really
  18. :D you might be right there Alan just don't tell the missus
  19. I have the 30/82 and 25/100 but due to the weather have only been able to use the 25 a couple of times in the C11. It's just pinpoint stars right across the field to my inexperienced eyes, and I did not notice other aberrations - not to say they didn't exist, just that I was looking at the view! Unfortunately I can't double check at the moment as I'm in the middle of moving. Also bear in mind that I use a C11 Edge HD which is corrected for field curvature and coma, so your mileage may vary... It is 1.2kg as described, but the 30/82 is 1kg anyhow, so if you can balance one you can probably balance the other. I should add that I've been very happy with the 30 though, and only considered the 25 when I was offered it at a good price, and then encouraged by the one and only Mr Potts The 20mm ES or 21mm Ethos are too close to the 17mm Ethos for me and my long focal length scopes, so the 25 was more appealing. I should probably sell the 30/82 now Addendum: doesn't sound like a bad EP to me, but I guess he's just critical? I'd expect most people (like me) wouldn't notice most of those compromises/flaws unless they were pointed out during a session
  20. Sounds like those big Maks need one of these ... http://www.optcorp.com/explore-scientific-30m-100-degree-3-argon-purged-eyepiece.html I use my 17mm Ethos with my C11 (f/l _only_ 2800mm!) and it's a cracker
  21. My question is... why would an improvement in contrast and colour rendition only be useful with good seeing? Surely the benefits are just as useful at lower magnifications too
  22. Congrats on your new scope the 8SE is a great combination of light grasp and portability! Btw, the C8 is only big until you see a C11...and that only big until you see a C14
  23. A little off base, but will the 24mm be your widest FOV EP? If so, I'd recommend you think longer if your light pollution permits... the C11 has such a long focal length that you can get away with something beastly in the 30s for a good punt. Of course, if you're using a focal reducer you'd prolly want to dial the focal length (field stop actually) down a bit, but a 24mm 82 degree or maybe a 27mm Panoptic or 30mm Aero should work a treat. Between the 24 Panoptic and ES68... I have both (by accident, honest!) and they're practically inseparable to my eyes at f/10 and also in my little 'frac at f/6. Could be me eyes just ain't got it Either way, the ES is slightly easier/more comfortable for placement, the Panny a tad smaller and lighter.
  24. Definitely going to need some counterweights for this beastie... with the 25mm on board there's enough dovetail left to balance it on the C11, but it's half the weight of the 30mm so I'd fear running out of dovetail
  25. Get a Losmandy dovetail if you don't already have one, then use one of these (credit to m.tweedy for suggesting it to me early one, and I will be eternally grateful ) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Astrodevelopments-Losmandy-style-dovetail-safety-clamp-scope-mounting-plate-/270977887187?pt=UK_Telescope_Mounts&hash=item3f178a6bd3 A dew heater is good to have, but get the strap type rather than integrated with the shield. I'm no all-nighter, but I've found that out of a dozen sessions with the C11, the dew heater has been on twice. Nights like last night didn't need it, the corrector was dew free after my (3 hour) session. Out of the times I've used the heater, once it couldn't keep the corrector clear and left me with a little donut of dew around the secondary. It is a fair sized piece of glass and my weather forecasting isn't up to much, but I've found I use the heater with the C8 more - probably because it's more grab and go rather than plan and deploy
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