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  1. Yeah wonder fluid or similar should do the trick - just be very careful with the corrector, use a very soft cloth. SCT lore says that the view is largely unaffected by streaks and dust on the corrector (or mirror), and to only clean them when absolutely necessary. Dust is best removed with a photographic brush and/or blower, only air - do not use aerosols or anything containing solvents or overly pressurised. I usually store mine still mounted (8SE), sometimes in the house. If its particularly humid, bring it inside and let it sit with the cover off the end for a little bit and the moisture will soon evaporate.
  2. Cut a section of camping mat and wrap it around the ota, about the same length as the ota, and that should do the trick! Out east (Sydney) it was pretty humid last night, temperature in the single digits but the dew shield kept my C8 clear for 3 hours before dinner (without heating) and it was still clear when I packed it away. There was plenty of dew on the outside of the ota, mount and EP case though, so it was definitely doing its job Putting the shield on is habitual for me, originally being from the UK I'm sure it'll need it most of the time but I needed the heater more often in the UK. Btw, Saturn was fantastic last night, probably the best I've seen it to date
  3. If you lift the NEQ6 mount head onto the tripod, the C11 is going to feel light by comparison Where's my manners congrats to OP on your new mount, they're nice and solid
  4. Thanks for sharing Moonshane, sounds like you all had a good night out despite the best efforts of the atmosphere Had a good snoop around Sagittarius with my goto last night and there are some lovely clusters and nebulae up there, the Lagoon with its eyes, mouth and flat cap (imagination running away - sorry!) being easily seen but the greater extent of the nebula being obscured by the City's light pollution even with it being almost overhead. The same light pollution was making it more tricky to see the dark divisions of the Triffid nebula, but it was visible. Hope you have better luck with the atmosphere soon
  5. You need a good southern horizon ands dark sky/big scope to really get the best of some of those nebulae, but that whole area of Sagittarius and Scorpious is teaming with bright and fuzzy patches to be explored
  6. The specs list 15kg each scope on the Skytee 2, so you'd be best keeping it to C9.25 or smaller. I'm not sure how important balancing the weight on each side if the mount might be, if at all. I find the globs can be quite satisfying in a C8, especially under a decently dark sky, but I could never argue against greater aperture
  7. Nice one Shaun hope you get to use them tonight, bet they'll be cracking in your 925 PS remember we said they were addictive
  8. TV lists the field stop at 22.7mm, so there'd be no reason for it to be 2" I have the 17 which is excellent and I'm waiting on Alan to stop herding chickens and pull an all-nighter before deciding on the 13
  9. Of the ES100 range the 20 is the only one I haven't had the pleasure of looking through - the 9 and 14 in my f/10 SCT and a buddy's f/5 Dob were both excellent. As above, the weather largely conspired against me between buying the 25 and packing up to move half way around the world, so I think I managed to use it 2 or 3 times very briefly. My first impressions, from what I remember (the last few months have been a bit of a blur, SGL has been my rock LOL) were very good and nothing offensive jumped out at me in either of my SCTs (f/10 remember). It was easy to use and showed me the field stop willingly. I look forward to getting it out under these skies, as one of the only other things I really remember was that the sky glow was too much in my C8 (hence the brief usage so far) so the viewing conditions weren't ideal. It's going to be like getting a new EP all over again when it arrives If I'm honest, part of the appeal was that it is unusual/new/rare, but also because I have the 17mm Ethos, so a 20/21 would have been a little too close in the range, 17 and 25 are more useful in the C11.
  10. If the optics are good, that's not a bad place to start, at least it can be upgraded. Upgrading the optics might be a bit more of a challenge! Not wanting to sound too flippant, but it's not like they're TV/APM/Tak money
  11. Latitude, longitude and time just tell it where and when it is so the computer can calculate the model of where the stars should be, but it has no means to determine which way you put down the tripod The SkyPeodigy series use a camera to take pictures of portions of sky and recognise the patterns of stars and determine which way they are facing.
  12. Nightmare think I'll steer clear trying to raise any interest now
  13. Yes, a little latitude goes a long way even in midsummer here, there are still 6 hours of astronomical darkness, 11 in midwinter (now!) The down side to a shorter twilight are that if you haven't setup your kit quickly enough, you'd better have a good red torch
  14. It needs at least one point of reference because it has no idea which way it is pointing
  15. The 8" scope will win every time for views. But also check the model of Dob they're interested in - the XT8i is their Intelliscope "push-to" and not a goto scope. It shows you arrows on the controller to direct you to the object you're looking for but you have to do the pushing bit yourself. They also don't track an object once it's been located. The goto model is the XT8g, btw.
  16. How about a Vixen Porta II http://www.firstlightoptics.com/alt-azimuth/vixen-porta-ii-mount.html
  17. That's interesting John, thanks! If they are only differentiated on monster scopes then I think we'll be comfortable in the knowledge that Ethoi are worth their asking price. Well, as much as we ever were Alan, as you have most of the scope types at large, a discerning eye and developing career as a keyboard operator, I will really look forward to any future duel of these babies for sure, but could you also put an Ethos 13 in the ring with the Delos and XW 14s and see if any of them flinch? Your LX and Mak deserve the exercise Oh for clear skies and all the eyepieces we could wish for... :sigh:
  18. Astrobuysell is a good place to start http://www.astrobuys...uk/propview.php The C8 otas do come up occasionally, but their higher price point new makes them less popular than your common garden Dob, and therefore less churn on the used market. Either that or everyone loves 'em Don't underestimate your C6 though... It'll show you plenty
  19. Since your resigned to getting multiple scopes anyway, you could always look out for a used C8...it's not a Dob and will be more than happy on an EQ5. Then get a 4" or so refractor for the wide field stuff.
  20. Well Alan, if your not putting your 41 Pan to good use, you're welcome to send it to me to test under a proper sky I bet that would make for an interesting shoot out with the XW40...
  21. Any of the many nuanced objects in Scorpius or Sagittarius should make good use of your extra latitude Alan lots of fine detail to be discerned there, good test of light transmission etc
  22. Thanks for sharing Alan - did you do any DSO viewing with this baby yet?
  23. Get out there and enjoy it anyhow Graham... using London's latitude, the Sun dips a bit below 15 degrees just after 1am. Got to be worth looking at some nice globs at that time
  24. Couldn't agree more Alex me and mrs d have been together not far off 20 years, we both work, have a joint account for our shared responsibilities and what's left in my piggy bank is mine to fritter invest to my hearts content doesn't make us any less committed or happy, probably the opposite as we don't resent each other for anything If I was buying bigger things like cars it might become more of a problem literally!
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