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  1. I’m up for the barbecue and will need lunch and dinner for two on Saturday.
  2. Can I have two pitches with leccy please.
  3. Thanks Thing, Not actually amp glow mate, this is the remains of the Vignetting in the image (my flats fell flat on there ass) so I have cropped a considerable portion of the image. The dark frames did do a good job of removing the amp glow which on my Canon 350D appears in the bottom right corner of the image.
  4. I promise my next image will not be M51 but some obscure object that is not seen very often. Canon 350D 12X300 second subs 800ISO 250PX on EQ6 AutoGuided with Equinox ED80 and OpticStar PL-130M. Processed with PhotoShop, stacked with DSS.
  5. Hi Roy, That’s an excellent image, I had a go at NGC2903 a while back and found it very rewarding. I have been considering getting a CLS filter to minimise the LP, please can you let me know how much LP you get from your location for comparison.
  6. royholl


    Thanks very much folks. :wave: I shall be reprocessing this image to find more detail as this was a quick four in the morning job and a bit rushed as my bed was calling.
  7. royholl


    Thanks for the move Talitha.
  8. royholl


    I have just noticed that I posted this in the wrong place, but my eyes were glazing over at 3am. If a Moderator would like to move I would be great full, thank you.
  9. royholl


    Thanks for looking Casus.
  10. royholl


    The conditions tonight were not very good, I had to wait until the cloud moved out of the way at 2300, and then had a bit of a problem with dew. Anyway I managed 8x300 second subs at 800 ISO. I’m quite pleased as every thing worked and tonight seemed like the last chance to check the kit out before the Kelling Heath star party this coming week. There is a problem with the stars in this image and I think it could be down to the dew or possibly collimation, or both, and I think my focus is a bit off. Well this is the result of a difficult night but I think I am starting to get somewhere now.
  11. Hi folks, I want to add some cross hairs to a 25mm eyepiece for lining up on guide stars, has anybody done this or have any links. Thanks for any help you can give.
  12. Hi Beamer, As Dave has said I drilled the holes and tapped them, very easy to do. The thumb screws I used are M6 and the drill size is 5mm. So all you have to do is drill a 5MM hole and then by hand turn the tap in the hole to cut the thread. A little picture to show you what a tap look like.
  13. Good to hear my rings should last for some time so long as I have made them as well as yours.
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