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    Hi Dunkster and welcome:)
  2. saturn4me

    Hi everyone

    Hi alan and welcome.Im new here myself but everybody is so friendly here:)
  3. Thanks very much guys for all your advice,i think i will try some different scopes out first and maybe join a club.Either way i wont rush out to buy the first one i see just to be disappointed by the results.The sky will still be there in 6 months time wont it? Again many thanks:)
  4. Thanks guys.Good advice from all of you.Certainly food for thought:)
  5. Hi everyone :)Ive got a budget of £200-£250 and need a starter telescope. Which one would you go for regards quality and what i could see with it as id like to see as much as possible but i know it will have its limitations.I already own a pair of binos and want to move on to the next step.Any help would be much appreciated.Many thanks Mark:D
  6. Like all the other posts on here im impressed with the welcome i got and the offers of help.What fantastic people we have on here.Im certainly glad i joined.
  7. Thanks brantuk,i certainly will as ive got a lot to learn and this place seems to be the ideal place to be:)
  8. Hi Patrick im in sheffield 5 too,shiregreen.Where are you?
  9. Wow.All these replies already.I am humbled by your welcome.Thank you to you all and i will get to know you all individually over time.Once again THANK YOU.
  10. Hi everybody,my name is Mark and im from Sheffield, England.Im quite new to astronomy and very new on here:).Im hoping to learn alot about astronomy from you fantastic people.Thank you:D
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