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  1. We were indeed lucky the clouds parted for just a while It was an awesome sight tonight. Wide-field DSLR shots risk burning out the moon in order to get the planets. My k-5 was taking 2.5 sec exposures (aperture priority mode), I'll have to have a look see what's in the 'can'
  2. I do enjoy seeing the ISS go by and imagining what the occupants might be up to. I just wish I'd been into sky gazing in the days of the shuttle and seeing them together If you are an iPhone user, look up the free GoAtlantis app- it'll give you ISS passes with times, simulations of its pass trajectory and much more
  3. Wonderful Cheers guys! What do you do if you want to use a Barlow?
  4. Another question for users of this setup- will I also need to buy an extension tube to get focus with the 450D? Thinking ahead, what is the arrangement of 'bits'? reducer/flattener screwed into focus tube-M48 ring adapter... ?T-ring... where would an extension tube go/fit? Sorry to me dense- it seems I buy one more piece of the jigsaw only to find I need another! Just as well it's cloudy or I'd be so frustrated Ta!
  5. Hello and apols if this is a stupeed one: I have a SW ED80 with the SW 0.8 flattener/reducer and need to connect ny Canon 450D. The instructions with the flattener say I need a "SYNTA tailor-made camera adapter", but I'll be jiggered if I can find what that is. I have a canon EOS T ring, but that is too small for the thread... Thanks for the help
  6. That is truly amazing Jonas. All from the comfort of your armchair too Well done! Boy, we are all very jealous! I'll be reading your obsy thread with great interest
  7. Wow, great images Werner! I was just observing last night and decided to have a go sketching Mars. It reminded me of the markings on a tennis ball, just like in your image!
  8. There are some great sites that allow you to put in your scope, EP and get a field of view image for different targets. I did just what you did with my 127Mak! I'm afraid one scope cannot do it all Have a look at CCDCalc and Field of view Calculator<script src="title2.js"></script> This for M42 with 127 Mak and SPC900
  9. I'm still from Swansea , Manselton boy me, see
  10. I shouldn't have looked at this group- it's making me homesick Next thing I'll be singing 'Guide me oh thy great Jehovah' as I attach the ST80- could be a great Welsh alternative to PHD? GMOTGJ.... naw, maybe not
  11. Worth a go Steve. I have a gizmo for my k-5 that moves the CCD sensor so I'm probably the wrong person to ask!
  12. Green laser is a good tip Telrads (if you can lay your hands on one) are really great too. You even have a Telrad reticule option in some iPhone apps like Star Walk
  13. "Vixen large binos"... and I thought the next sentence was surely going to be " ...seeks mature gentleman with own tripod, car and GSOH"
  14. I'm afraid M42 is just too big a target for the SPC900s tiny chip I found that disappointing at first, but then there are plenty of great targets that do fit on. Have a look at CCDCalc (free download).
  15. You are not the first! There was a news story last Nov about lifeboats being launched in the NE when someone reported seeing a flare... ...that was Jupiter LOL
  16. Cheers Steve! I really don't spend enough time in God's country. I sometimes take the Brecon route to-from Pembs when we're seeing my in-laws. I must find reason to stop a while
  17. Quite correct to pick some easy targets! Trouble with the hard to find ones is you fiddle around for ages changing EPs/refinding focus, and you don't notice the bleedin clouds creeping up on you! I just came in for a cuppa, read the 'New Messiers' thread and by the time my fingers had thawed, the cloud had rolled across. Slewed to M50 to find it in the tree branches , so I had a half glance before cloud obscured all. That's astronomy!
  18. Brumtaffy


    I have to say, you have done amazingly well getting to your targets so effectively with the 130EQ I had one for a couple of weeks, but apart from seeing lunar detail I found it a right PITA to point with the red dot finder supplied. Well done you, the excitement when you find a 'new' object is really something, we all know how you feel Right, I'm off out again for a piece of that, now my fingers have defrosted
  19. What are the shooting stars tonight, Leonids?
  20. Good for you! Isn't the MW fabulous, as well as being home ) Was this a site you could share with SGL?
  21. If you'll pardon the harsh post-processing
  22. I'm lucky enough to have 'got in' at the right time and have 2 (sorry!) a vanilla one from Morgans and a LX modded one. They have taught me so much- trying to find let alone frame a target on the little chip is quite a skill! How can an object the size of jupiter be so elusive Although I made the mistake of looking on CCDCalc and now I have desperate Chip envy It's made me acquire a Canon 450D for imaging, more learning curves to struggle up! The SPC may be consigned to guiding (and even that will be frustrating!). If/when I move on to a proper guide CCD I'll be happy to sell on What is folks' favourite SPC900 target? For me, M57
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