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  1. Thanks for your responses. I feel that very soon a new theory will supersede the Big Bang. One where large scale expansion occurs in balance with small scale contraction (every action has an equal and opposite reaction) where the principles of the Big Bang occur continuously inside the void around us.
  2. http://news.discovery.com/space/cosmic-background-radiation-big-bang-120615.html Sent from my iPhone
  3. http://news.discovery.com/space/cosmic-background-radiation-big-bang-120615.
  4. That's right there are 11 dimensions. I can imagine them all. I just mentioned the common 3d flat space most people talk about. There are 3 dimensions within the Time domain that are rolled up so tightly that we have no chance of viewing directly. They're kind of over an horizon, out of sight like Australia is to England. But they're are people there who feel our part of the universe only as the passing of their Time.
  5. Reading that back I'm not sure if I made my thoughts clear. Basically I'm thinking the slowing of time can be imagined as the Time component of Space-time flattening while the Space component curves, and in stationary or non inertial frames the Time component is highly curved while the Space component is flat. Each component of space-time can only interact when each are curved close to the same degree ie the production of particles. The Time domain and the Space domain are identical but the view from each sees the other as opposite and inverted. The 3D space like dimensions are rolled up in
  6. Einsteins theory of General Relativity is often described using a latex sheet and bending it when a mass is applied. How do we know that space and time curve in the same direction? When I sit here in a stationary position I 'feel' time flowing through me at its maximum rate,yet around me across the universe I see 3D space is very flat. When I accelerate or lie within a gravitation field 3D space is curved but time slows. At a singularity Time has stopped. When Time stops it seems obvious to me that its property Flat. when Space is flat Time is accelerated to its maximum and is highly curve
  7. All bosons such as the photon are much smaller than any Quark. The smallest fermion would have to have the highest energy because the Uncertainty Principles momentum part of the equation increases if we know more about the location. Obviously smaller particles require a higher degree of accuracy for its location. Therefore the Heaviest fermion is therefore the smallest.
  8. Juliano, but how many times did this galaxy rotate since conception, and how long after the big bang was it conceived?
  9. Looks to me that some objects at the distance where the universe is supposed to be young are no different to objects close by. Perhaps the Universe has always looked pretty much the same despite it continually expanding at large scales. If anything, there appear to be a greater number of more massive energetic objects out at those distances.
  10. http://www.universetoday.com/96344/oldest-spiral-galaxy-in-the-universe-discovered/alice_shapley_spiral_galaxy_art_july_2012_/
  11. As the Universe expands I expect the number of Higgs bosons to increases but each one doesn't last very long.Perhaps the aftermath of some of them appear as cosmic rays. I was predicting the Higgs wouldn't exist. Even now I don't thing it will be found to have spin 0. My hypothesis which suggests we are within a hyper dimensional Universal gravitation field would need the Higgs field to be the 4D space-time turning into the 5th dimension. The Higgs field requires a boson, and my hypothesis requires a boson too,mine is the graviton. It's fantastic because very soon we will have the spin of th
  12. http://www.thebunsenburner.com/news/physicists-cern-may-have-discovered-higgs-boson-impostor/
  13. If the spin of the Higgs Boson is Spin 2, would it have identical characteristics to a graviton?
  14. There is something fundamentally wrong with Supersymmetry... Where are all the sparticles?
  15. It's a shame my other thread we are all made of light got locked. Obviously my own fault by the way I conduct myself. Anyhow I came across this paper by Professor Emmanuel Moulay which can show the possibility of how everything can be made from photons. http://fqxi.org/data/forum-attachments/Photon.pdf
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