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  1. FYI, It's OK now. Tried it on my desktop instead (could not do that at 01:53 this morning ) and it works fine. Looks like I have a bit of clean up to do on the laptop !
  2. Hi, I'm having a problem with wxAstrocapture when trying to connect to my newly modded webcam. I can connect to the camera in 320x240 resolution when LX mode is on, but not in 640x480 resolution any more. I can get the 640x480 view in 'cheese' so the camera must be fine. I can also get the 640x480 view when LX mode is turned off on the camera and the ttyUSB0 port is not selected in the LX tab of settings. So again, the camera must be fine. It must be an wxAstrocapture problem? The thing is, I am sure I had working in 640x480 LX mode yesterday but now it appears to have stopped working for some reason. Maybe a system update broke something? I thought it might be a USB1 vs USB2 problem, so I tried all the ports on my laptop ('lsusb' shows one I have two 1.1 and one 2.0 hubs) but same problem. Despite much googling, I'm now stuck. Any help much appreciated. Lee
  3. lquinlan


    My Favourite planet so far.
  4. Not that long Matt. Probably about three or four evenings in total, on the dining room table after dinner Well, I would not say it was 'easy'. A job for a competent DIY'er I'd say. I'm pretty handy with the tools so just patience and attention to detail required. http://stargazerslounge.com/diy-astronomer/134113-eq-platform-help.html Definitely not as swish as your 'Watch House' one . They do look the business.... I want to add a cut-off micro-switch to mine, which I think yours already has. I will probably tweak certain bits of it as I use it more. I have only used it a couple of times so far. Darn weather ! It has been very rewarding. It's nice to know we are squeezing every last drop of potential out of our dobs ...
  5. Sorry, missed your question ..... Yes. I'm new to imaging myself but have posted a couple of jupiter on my profile gallery you can take a look at. Pretty happy with them considering Can't wait for those crisp winter skies now ! Add to this an EQ platform and I hope to be posting lots more better ones soon....
  6. Also consider the settings on your capture software. Jupiter can 'vanish' with the 'wrong' settings. Are you using wxAstrocapture by any chance ? My starter settings for jupiter are: brightness: 50 gamma: 0 gain 50 (then go down to 5 once object found) shutter speed: 1/25 or 1/33 Lee
  7. lquinlan

    Moon in HD

    That's a great image. Well worth the effort ! Lee
  8. very nice..... I'm keen to get some whole moon images with my 200p. Do you know if it is even possible with a 200p ? Maybe a focal reducer ? Lee
  9. Pretty good for a PDA ! Bit of processing would improve even further ..... Lee
  10. I had the exact same problem on my scope when trying my webcam for the first time. No matter what combo I tried with all the adapters, I could not get focus on the camera. I resolved it by borrowing a friends 2x barlow lens and using the camera through that. I can't explain the optical science behind it, all I know that it reduced the focal length enough for me to get results. I eventually bought my own 2" 2xbarlow, that came with a 1.25"->2.0" adapter which i thought would come in handy one day. Lee
  11. Yep. Another vote for TLAO. Gives seasonal info and good object location guidance, which helps the constellations stick in the grey matter ! The rating system also helps you decide on the best 'effort vs result' objects for limited viewing sessions. Lee
  12. I nearly bought a wixey the same time I bought the scope. Do they really help that much ? Will getting to know constellations as reference points be just as good ? Lee
  13. Hi Michelle, Welcome.... Have not been to hastings since that school trip, back in ........????? Hope there's not too much light pollution in your area. Fab winter skies may be on the way but now the trees are shedding their leaves, that pesky street lamp on the public path behind my garden .... arghh ... anyone still have have a catapult ? Happy stargazing ! Lee
  14. Hi Adam, I'm pretty new here too but have already got some valuable advice and encouragement from the forum. Here's wishing you clear skies ! Lee
  15. I'm running ubuntu 10.04 as well. Very happy with it. Went windows cold turkey a few years ago now. Even my wife likes it ! I looked at 11 but there are a few too many basic 'known-issues' at this stage for me to take the plunge. Of course there is the odd annoyance in terms of software incompatibility but on the whole I feel its worth it. I do wince (pardon the ppc pun) when I have to run something under 'Wine'. Registax was the latest. Oh for the day when I can remove it .... wine that is. Sorry if I missed it somewhere on this thread but is there a native alternative that compares favourably ? I too use wxAstroCapture and find it does everything I need right now. Lee
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