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  1. I saw this the other day and thought maybe they added an extra zero by mistake? Unless it comes with some solar gubbins that I missed on that particular ad? The solar bits seem to be a separate ad and cost an extra £2,850. Yeah I'm not sure whats going on with this ad?? Pass!
  2. Thanks Steve, you too, I look forward to seeing you Thursday morning If a Mod could archive the ad I would appreciate it, thanks
  3. What a result! The big Dob and little travel scope/finder sound like a great combo Can't believe you can see m51 in the 70mm, I would love to see m51 with my own eyes one day.
  4. Nice session The ST80 is a mighty little scope, I've never seen the triplet without imaging it. what kind of tripod/tripod head did you use?
  5. Hi, I'll just get the mount packaged up and a courier booked for John over the next couple of days, then I'll send you some pics of the pier extension
  6. Mount head and counter weights sold, thanks John I may keep the tripod for now in case I can knock up a cheap wooden Alt/az bino mount head with some bits of scrap wood I have laying around? Blue peter style!
  7. Ok, maybe I'm over egging the cake a bit, but it's a fab scope
  8. Thanks Damian, that will be my next little job then
  9. Thanks everyone I really don't want to sell it, nor the mount if I'm honest, but as a stay at home dad of 3 with a part time career I just don't have the money in reserve when these unexpected expenses crop up, well not 3 at once Like many I suspect, my astro kit that I slowly build up is my savings account. Also, to be fair I wasn't giving the kit the use it deserves as its always just easier with a spare 20 minutes hear and there to grab the binos or my little Dob. I dare say I might not see another OMNI ED100 xlt again, but I will slowly build my kit back up.....again! Thanks for the good wishes
  10. Thanks Damian, getting there slowly but unsurely General question, shall I grind off the edges of the tiles, so they are flush with the circumference of the tool? or is it ok with some tile overhang?
  11. The seeing conditions one night might be able to support a 5mm but the next night Jupiter for example might look like mush in the 5mm but better in thr 6 or 7mm. It's about finding the compromise between mag/image scale and seeing
  12. Had both my 10x50's and 20x80 binos out tonight looking for the comet but to no avail. I'll try again, next time looking for a diffuse patch rather than the fuzzy nucleus I was thinking to look for.
  13. Looks amazing whether it's a quickie or not