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  1. That's a great piece of work.. Welll done!
  2. There's a few issues I need to resolve with my imaging system before I'm able to capture better subs, but i'm happy with this image. 11 hours of Ha (12nm) in 5 min subs. Stacked in DSS and tinkered with in Photoshop. Equipment: Altair Starwave 102ED, 0.6x RF, 12nm Ha filter, Atik 428ex mono. Cheers..
  3. Second process looks best. Much more natural.
  4. At some point I will be redoing the whole project as I have recenly had it bought to my attention that my spacing between CCD and Flattner / Reducer is out by around 14mm. But yes, I'll be going for a colour image.
  5. This was imaged over the last few clear nights. Equipment: 102ED APO, 0.6x FF/reducer, 12nm Astronomik Ha filter and the Atik 428ex. Guiding with a 60mm Primaluce Lab guidscope and Altair GP130. Mount: SW AZ-EQ6. Exposure: 3h30m in 15min subs. 24 x Darks No flats or Bias calibration. Tweeked in photoshop.
  6. Saying nothing as i'm still picking my jaw up of the floor...... That's utterly excellent IMO.
  7. Nice image. However i much prefer this with a lot more space around it, there's so much more to this target. Great pic all the same
  8. That second image is much better. This target is a really nice in Bicolour as the Sii doesn't really come through in a Tricolour. Well done, very nice!
  9. Personally speaking, this is by far the best rendition of M82 in Ha that i've seen. IMO its jaw dropping! Congrats, Freddie.
  10. Something to report with... Image taken with 127mm triplet Apo + Atik 428Ex +Ha 310 min of data, 10 min subs. no calibration whatsoever as i'm still capturing my data....... currently at 700min and counting.
  11. Hopefully get some more clear sky soon so I can continue. I managed to grab some SII and OIII for it yesterday. I'll attempt to learn how to combine them.. having never done it.
  12. Cheers folks... yeah, it really needs a few more hours of data to make it pop. Fingers crossed.
  13. I'm sure you can all recognise this one. 5 x 8min subs in Ha. Conditions weren't great when i started to shoot this, which is why I only have 5 subs.. Equipment 127mm ED Apo and Atik 428ex Again..... many more subs required..
  14. Well, i managed to capture a few photons before the cloud took over once again! :/Crescent Nebula, Cygnus. 9 x 5min subs in Hydrogen Alpha.Darks and Bias calibrated, no flatts as yet.Equipment 127mm ED Apo and Atik 428exMany more subs required..
  15. I learned a valuable lesson on this Nebula..... KNOW YOUR TARGET!! lol If I had done some homework I'd have not bothered in Ha
  16. Cheers Neil Yeah they are Paddy, still gotta address some alignment issues... Just happy to be back imaging after a big chunk of time where i wasn't able to. I've so much to learn again that a few errors in alignment are low in my list of priorities. I've gotta get comfortable with new software, learn processes I didn't even know about, build gadgets to help capture flats... and the list goes on
  17. This is a combination of yesterdays 891 image (details below) and a further 2 hours of data collecterd last night without the moon. NGC 891 Imaged last night under a Moon of 70%. No filteration used. 127mm triplet, Atik 428Ex and a AZEQ6 mount that still needs adjustment in PA... Total exposure is 312 minutes 8 x 15min subs (moon free) 7 x 10min subs 2 x 5min subs 3 x 4min subs 20 x 10min Darks 65 x Offsets. I'll redo the processing when I've had sleep! :)
  18. Crikey!!! Now that's detailed!! Very nice work, well done.
  19. Here's a little run at the Iris Nebula in Hydrogen Alpha... Now it isn't much to look at, but it's all i've managed so far. 127mm triplet, Atik 428Ex and a AZEQ6 1h15m total exposure. 5 x 15min in Ha This thing is really difficult in Ha... i'll have to go deeper next time.
  20. Very interesting image, Fernando. I also appreciate the information you've supplied about the object, fascinating.. Well done and Thank you..
  21. Valiant effort... I could be wrong but it looks like you've altered the white point in levels, if so, don't, as it blows out stars and galaxy centers. Also, use unsharp mask a little more subtle, it'll help in not exacerbating noise already inherent in the image and it'll prevent those extra rings around your bright stars. Ultimately, collect more data. Aim for 5 - 10 min subs. Don't forget to collect Darks (20 or so taken with your camera in the same setup as for the lights) and Bias frames.... I have a master built from 65. Flats are a bit more problematic to collect, but if you can..... All the best in your quest for light
  22. Cheers guys! Chris, I really need to get my hands on a few more up-to-date programs and read about de-convolution..... i must confess to being a bit ignorant on such things. Watch this space.... excuse the pun
  23. NGC 891 Imaged last night under a Moon of 70%. No filteration used. 127mm triplet, Atik 428Ex and a AZEQ6 mount that still needs adjustment in PA... Total exposure is 92 minutes 7 x 10min subs 2 x 5min subs 3 x 4min subs 20 x 10min Darks 65 x Offsets. No Flats.... light box project underway! :) Well i'm happy enough with the result. I've hardly touched it post stacking. Hope you like..
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