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  1. My fault - bought another scope at the weekend Sorry
  2. Hi Richard I think North Wales is probably the nearest, Bala Lake gets good reviews. Try this site for an idea of what you may expect to see http://www.need-less.org.uk/night%20sky%20simulator.html Oh - and welcome to SGL
  3. I find that M45 Pleiades is best viewed with 15 x 70 bins -. Spectacular
  4. Well that's some seriously nice kit and I guess you will suffer some equally serious bad weather - its the way of things
  5. I have been trying to decide whether to buy a Lyra 102 or a SW200 PDS for my next scope and been undecided for a while.as that would take my total to 5 and my better half can't understand why I need more than 1. Now I have no problem - I can buy both
  6. Galilean gives the position of moons and current view of the face of Jupiter Works well
  7. Missed the start but repeated @ 2.00 am so Ill Sky+ it , thanks for the heads up
  8. I think the equipment available for the amateur astronomer nowadays is capable of amazing results both optically and certainly for imaging - just take a look in the imaging section. Maybe we take the quality of modern kit for granted but a glance through the pages of a text like the one described reminds us of how fortunate we are. Makes you wonder what results we will be getting in another 50 years?
  9. How does he get to the eyepiece ???? - No step ladders in shot
  10. I think I will always remember my first view of Saturn.
  11. My 16mm arrived today 29/05 - ordered on Saturday 25/05 at 19:00 pretty good service Here it is with one of my "5 a Day" Just need some clear skies to try it out
  12. +2 for Umadags post I think this is a "bird Jones " reflector so you most probably have collinmation issues causing the blurred views
  13. Well just took a punt on a 16mm too good to pass up by the sound of it
  14. Guess its going to have to be the Moon then 100% full so not the best
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