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  1. Hi all, Looking to replace the focuser on my AVX C8 newt, can this be done and what would people recommend without breaking the bank? Needs to hold 2" and 1.25" ep's. Cheers all.
  2. Thanks for the replys. The ES ones look good, but I originally started out looking to buy the X Cel LX and have stretched my budget for the Luminos, I know the ES's are not massively more expensive but I've had to draw the line somewhere. And to be honest, if they don't work out I can probably recoup there cost selling them on and upgrading when I'm back in the states later in the year. Stephen
  3. Hello All, Firstly I'll ask an odd question and then I'll explain my circumstances so it may not seem so odd. Basically are the Luminos 2" EP's ok to use with the Celestron C6n? Now I'll explain the background. I've an Astrotrac at the moment with an astro modified 450d, my eventual goal is primarily imaging DSO's and secondary some visual of DSO's and planetary stuff. With the budget I have I'm purchasing the AVX with C6n in the next few weeks and then the equinox ed80 when I have more funds later in the year. My thought process being I can use the c6n for visual for now and just piggy back my DLSR as a separate prime and I'll have a really good mount with goto in the mean time. When time comes to buy the ed80 the c6n will go to fleabag or as a finder guider etc. Now the reason for asking about the Luminos ep's is that I'm in the states next week and can pick them up for relative buttons (mount and OTA I'd only pick up from uk for warranty etc, ep's I'm comfortable with from US). So, as I said will these EP's be ok for now with the c6n and eventually for their more permanent home on the ED80? Thanks for reading all that if you've got this far! Stephen
  4. Good call, they sound about right, so a 2.3 9 and a 25 would be a fair spread alongside a 2x Barlow? Off to the states in a few weeks I'll try and pick some up then. Thank you.
  5. Hi Gareth, This is where the inexperience shows regarding your questions. I'm at the budgeting stage and am unsure as to what I will need/want are there say two or three EP's that are must haves for any observer? Price wise, early days so I don't want to break the bank but I'd rather pay a little extra to get mid range than entry level if that makes sense. Stephen
  6. I should have added, I would want to look through it now and again, planetary stuff, moon etc. What diagonal and EP's would people suggest? Thanks again.
  7. Hi Gareth, have a copy, it's on my bedside cabinet Thank you.
  8. Hi all, Decided to press the button and go for an Equinox ed80 for astrophotography with a modded 450d. I want to image deep sky objects and will be using it unguided on an existing photography tripod that I'll probably swap for a HEQ5 or AVX later in the year. At the moment I have no telescope or diagonal or eyepiece or anything I've just been using an Astrotrac with the 450d and my canon lenses. What would I need to buy beyond the OTA to use my 450d, if any one could recommend i'd be very grateful. There are so many options and it gets a bit expensive going the trial and error route! Stephen
  9. Very good, i couldn't dream of anything like that, hence going the AP route.
  10. This is something i'm looking at getting, is it really that bad using the SynScan?
  11. Originally thinking just need good mount and OTA and then i started looking into Eye pieces, i guess you just keep learning.
  12. Rotherham, outskirts but still Rotherham
  13. From an Xbox Cam, wonder what the new Xbox One camera is like?
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