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  1. TBH I was more concerned that the Crab Nebula had suddenly disappeared.
  2. After using my 6" SCT approximate 3 times in the last year due to the pointlessness of any astronomy in the Black Country, I finally succumbed to getting a pair of big binoculars that could sit in my car along with a cheap photographic tripod. Following much internet research, the best balance of cost vs positive reviews seemed to point to the Revelation 20x80 bins. Ideally I wanted the 20x100, but sensible finance prevailed! Ordered from Harrison Telescopes, the bins arrived after two days of placing the order. Unpacking box upon box of protective layers, I finally got to the binoculars. Fir
  3. Excellent simulator and pretty much bang on for my location (W Mids ) I've driven into the Cambrian Mountains before - about 15 miles west of Rhayader. Could see as much with the naked eye there as I could see with my 6" SCT at home!
  4. Looks like you've got a sunny one here in Brum - great timing! Hope to see you later.
  5. In the spirit of some of the other posts I've seen recently, it would be rude not too! I'd post this in Equipment Gallery but I think most of you would suss out that my obsy is a bit OTT for a C6!
  6. Great shot - glad someone manage to get a photo. I was woken up before sunrise here in the W Mids by a teething baby (thankfully a bit later than sunrise in Kelso!) and saw an impressive display of bright NLCs. A combination of lack of interest from the 8 month old and brain not functioning meant I could get a snap of it! Let's hope for more, preferably at the sunset end of the night though!
  7. I'm going to speak out for the seller here. He/She may have larded it full of optimistic wording, but surely as an advert there is nothing wrong here. Rather than blaming the seller or trying to be ultra-helpful to potential dozy buyers, surely the buyer has take the blame for a pillock?! I've happily sold tat for way over what I've paid for it and don't feel guilty one iota - anyone can do a bit of research before commiting a bid! And as for dodgy bids? Using the wife's account to put in a free reserve doesn't hurt anyone but ebay, it's up to the buyer if they want to bid not the internet pol
  8. I've just started a thread with my pics on - see the imaging forum for details!
  9. Well for me anyway...! Not the greatest I've ever seen, but will always remind me of the birth of my son on the 4th July 2008 where I saw my first (and most spectacular) NLC on a drive home at 4am!
  10. Not as good as the ones from the last two summers, but fingers crossed for a long season!
  11. Yep, same here in Brum. Got a few photos which I'll get on here tomorrow.
  12. After much deliberation on whether I needed another scope I convinced myself that I needed something that is: 1. Portable, ideal for taking on holiday. 2. Something to get me in to this imaging lark! My C6 on the CG5GT mount was to stay at home and I wanted a travel scope to explore darker skies with. So after much scouring of the internet I managed to secure a Zenithstar 80II, which fulfilled both of my requirements and came in at the wallet friendly price of £120 including scope rings and case. The Scope The package I got was OTA, WO tube rings, L-bracket. First thing I noticed was the sheer
  13. Apologies for the thread title... Can anyone tell me what screws I need to connect WO tube rings to a WO dovetail bar? Or better still has anyone got any spare - I'd be happy to pay for them. Thanks in advance Dave
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