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  1. Thought I'd add my own picture to the mix - haven't picked up a telescope in over two years so this was taken purely with the power of my camera zoom - has been cropped and contrasted for clarity, but pretty proud of doing this telescope-free.
  2. Whoops forgot to add 'michael' between 70az and 'it'
  3. Ganymede: Celestron astromaster 70az and it wasn't amazing but it got me hooked on astronomy
  4. Thanks, i get it now you've made it make sense
  5. As a complete beginner I'm posting here a lot recently, but I have a 70mm refractor with two magnifications, 20mm (45x) and 10mm (90x) and I wonder what rule is there to determine what size eyepiece will give me a certain magnification. Like....does this mean a 5mm eyepiece will give me 180x, going by this trend? Or am I getting the magnification rules totally wrong?
  6. Connor


    birthdays, jonathan, birthdays
  7. GUESS WHAT??? It arrived so last night I got a telescope and EYEPIECES, and the sky was pretty clear so I got a view of Jupiter
  8. Random, newbie question but how bad is it in the long run for condensation to be on the lens of the scope and should I clean it immediately afterwards?
  9. Thanks, I just saw Jupiter very low in the horizon, which my lovely nan spotted and saved me from thoughts that I am not cut out for astronomy. sure, it was blurry and only resolved itself as a blob but I am now hooked.
  10. I'm writing this in my back garden, freezing my butt off, my first night doing any kind of astronomy and I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I've plunged into astronomy with less of a clue than I thought I had (I thought I was pretty well set up and knew what I was doing). I can't stay up very late (still in high school) and I have a star chart and interactive planet chart but what i wonder is.... When is the best time of year to see the planets? Most of them are either up in the day or too low in the horizon right now, so when will the planets be high in the sky? (thanks in advance for any help given)
  11. I like it it's a good pic, detailed
  12. Amazon have been brilliant to me and have delivered my moon filter one day early....I'd appreciate the telescope that goes with it by tomorrow....
  13. I own both an iPod and iPad and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for free planetarium software for locating the planets? I own the free 'Planets' app, which I find brilliant, but I'm wondering if there's anything even better?
  14. Well it's a Celestron Astromaster 70AZ with 70mm aperture (I'm pretty sure you commented on my other thread where I talked about it)
  15. Thanks, and Michael its a refractor
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