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  1. I guess I could get used to using it, then upgrade the eyepieces once I'm a bit more used to it. How hard are reflector scope to collimate?
  2. Thanks for the in depth reply. I think I'm settled on the reflector scope, looking forward to payday Wednesday and praying for a clear might. As for the photography, I think I'll learn to walk before I can run. Mike
  3. I'd be looking to eventually start taking pictures with a DSLR camera, but I'm sure I've heard somewhere it can't be done with a reflector scope?? I was leaning towards a reflector because the deep space viewing would be better.
  4. Hey everyone, as I'm new I do have a few questions I'm looking to buy my first scope, I have basic understanding of them, I have seen a couple I'm interested in the first one was skywatcher evostar 90 or the other was skywatcher explorer 130. Is a reflector alot better than a refractor? I want to look at the moon, planets and some deep space? Also are there any other scopes around the £150 mark which are recommend? Look forward to your replies Mike
  5. glosmikey


    Thanks for the warm welcome guys, there will be a nice list of questions in beginners section. Mike
  6. glosmikey


    Hey guys, I'm pretty new to stargazing, looking for advice on my first telescope. Mike
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