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  1. Went out last night and saw it too, color and the rings included! Even took some pictures which I will post once I'm done processing.
  2. I found a collection of cool animated images (gifs) about space and astronomy. Just thought it would be cool to share. (click on each to make them bigger) and here they are on my blog Space Gifs: Darkvoid Dark sky finder
  3. Thank iamjulian for the link it's very similar to what I wish to do and go about it. Now all I need is to figure out cost and find the funds
  4. I really like jshine's light pollution map but I feel it's incomplete and not 100% accurate. So I said why not make a site that reviews dark sites around the world. So how would I review these sites? Simple I would find them on Jshine's site first, then drive out there with a Sky Quality Meter, telescope and DSLR camera. I would take readings with the SQM, sketch frequent objects that can be viewed through a telescope, then describe in detail what the sky looks like just using the naked eye. Basically describe how much detail is visible in the milky way, if there is any zodiacal light and if there are any light domes evident around the horizon. While I am doing this I would take a time lapse video of the sky. Lastly I would list some amenities that the site has if applicable. Things such as running water or electricity. I would also describe what is around the site that might interfere with stargazing. So that's the jist of it. Currently I reside in the USA and I am a college student so I would probably start reviewing sites in the US first but will expand globally when time and funds permit. I would like some input from community members about how to go about surveying sites and writing the reviews. I want to get this as perfect as possible. Here is my site running a blog platform at the moment:Darkvoid's Dark Sky Finder And here is Jshine's LP overlay map: Jshine's Dark Sky Finder P.S. I will probable start a kickstarter project later on to get the funds and actually start doing this. (probably late spring early summer)
  5. spent almost 3 hours last night and i think i saw one or two out of the corner of my eye. Will be at it again tonight.
  6. Hi and Welcome to SGL! From an American Romanian that's also named Mihai! (for those that don't know Mihai is Romanian for Michael)
  7. Telescope should be fine. What you should be worrying about is yourself. Dress warmly and in layers.
  8. Sleeping bag is good for the cold. The roof Is good for viewing in the west but I wanna view the east so yeah. Will look into a sun lounger. Thanks.
  9. Due to light pollution in my area being so bad I can only see bright stars that are high up in the sky. But looking up at 60- 70 degree angles all night my neck starts to hurt. Any ideas how i can view the night sky but my neck not hurt? I was thinking laying down on the lawn as a start.
  10. So here is a video that some may have seen. I think it was taken from the ISS. It is a video showing what it is like to fly over our planet. Enjoy. What Does It Feel Like to Fly Over Planet Earth?
  11. absolutely stunning! This just makes me want to build a house in the Rocky mountains away from any major city and with no light pollution. You know so i can see this in my backyard every night.
  12. Here are some images of exploants (that and some cool telescopes) taken by astronomers. if anyone is interested in the article click this link: Exoplanet Portraits: Direct Images of Other Worlds | Wired Science | Wired.com (click on the images to make them larger)
  13. Came across this picture with facts about the universe. Would be pretty cool to print this out and post it on a wall or something.
  14. Just found this cool article on wired.com about an exoplanet that orbits not one but two stars. See for yourself: New Exoplanet Discovery: Is Life Imitating Star Wars | Wired Science | Wired.com pretty cool huh?
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