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  1. i dont mean i just want her to answer anybody can
  2. how much will this actually cost dont have to be exact guys and girls (only if twinkletoes answers)
  3. hey paul i most like observing the planets and galaxies.
  4. hi everyone i was asking on eyepieces for my celestron powerseeker 127 which eyepieces would you reccomend if possible i would like everyone to have a say, only reason i`m asking about eyepieces is because the eyepieces that came with the telescope i`ve been told are low quality plus they are not good enough for looking at saturn in detail. 1 last thing does anybody now where i can get free astrophotography software. cheers everyone
  5. i just wanted to say hi to everyone cuz i aint been in for a while hope every one is ok, i was outside with my telescope and it was patchy cloud, i could see a clear sky coming up towards me i set up th telescope but then i could not see the clear sky i saw so a lot of bad luck i`m having. can i ask everyone can you put some of the photos you have taken please post them in here. have fun hope people without clear skies get them c ya (p.s i out for a spot of observing i`ll be back online at 9 maybe 10 o`clock)
  6. does anbody know about this metor shower tomorrow night
  7. cheers does anybody know if there are any astronomy clubs in the west midlands around walsall wolverhampton birmingham
  8. what are the things i will be able to see through my telescope as it is
  9. i`m looking not to spend more than 35-45 pound
  10. can anybody tell me what kind of celestron eyepieces are the best to buy cheers
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