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  1. Hi Peter Thank you, i will see if they can offer any help. Cheers
  2. Can nobody help? I have since tried emailing Meade's customer support using a form on their website but i just got a automated reply saying that the system does not work, not very useful. Does anybody know the UK distributor for Meade scopes? Stu
  3. Happy Christmas everyone The spiral bound version of Turn left at Orion is at the top of my wish list of astro books. I hope everyone has a happy year of stargazing ahead of them!
  4. Hello all I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. My cousin has a Meade StarNavigator DS-114 scope that has for some reason been taken apart, the focuser assembly has been removed from the optical tube and the cradle ring from the mounting arm. I think it was done during a house move, i'm not sure why, but now all the screws seem to have gone missing. Does anybody know of somewhere that is likely to have replacements, or know of somewhere i can find out what spec the screws should be? If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated, the sooner it is back together the sooner my cousin can get back out in the garden looking upwards Thanks Stu Edit: I have also tried looking through the manual that i found on the Meade web site but could not find any info there.
  5. Just a little update on my activities after some of the recommendations on here. I went to a talk a week ago at the IoA in Cambridge. Very impressive what they have there, nice large lecture room and a impressive turn out. Shame it was cloudy so there was no observing that night. CGolder - Unfortunately i play football on Mondays so cant make the St Neots meets, but if we don't have a game on week i will try to come along. Thanks again to everyone for the welcome
  6. I'm also loving the Look East entry requirement for the group While i still have "Vacuum" status at the moment i'm hoping to be more active and get along to a meet of there are any. I live in Huntingdon about 20 miles north of Cambridge but also have family in Ipswich so travel between the two randomly but quite regularly so anywhere along the A14 between Cambridge and Ipswich would suit me. If there was a pub near by all the better I have been to a couple of talks at the IoA in Cambridge and would recommend anyone goes along to a Public Open Evenings if your in the area on a Wednesday night. More info about them here Public Observing - Talk Schedule 2011-12 | Institute of Astronomy Gottzi - Sorry to hear that news, i hope your wife has a speedy recovery.
  7. This is a great idea. There must be a few good sites around Suffolk, its hardly a metropolis north if Ipswich, Tunstall looks ideal. I like the idea of somewhere by the coast, no massive sources of light pollution out to sea plus a clear view down to the horizon.
  8. Hi Ben I have just sent you my email address too. Hopefully we will be able to sort something out in between the cloudy nights! Also went along to the last OASI open/taser night at the beginning of the month but i'm not sure i can justify membership to something like that when i am not exactly local. Its a very nice facility they have at Orwell school though!
  9. Hello Suffolk imagers! Having recently joined up on the forum i am fairly new to observing, eventualy i would like to get in to imaging too. I got pointed in the direction of this Social Group from my hello thread in the Welcome forum. Although i live near Cambridge, i have friends and family in and around Ipswich so am in the aeria quite oftern, and would also be up for coming allong to any meet ups locally. If there are any going on give me a shout Stu
  10. Wow thanks for such a warm welcome! CGolder and cgarry - Do you guys go along to any local meets? twotter - Haha, where abouts do you live? The Fen badlands must be good for observing, not many hills to get in your way out there. brantuk - Thanks I will have a look at the Social Groups section. ronin - Thanks for the info, I will check them out. St Neots is only about 10mins from me but i’m always busy on Monday nights which is a pain, I’ll try to make a IoA talk though. That junction is a bit of a pain coming from the north so you have to take a bit of a detour but no drama Eagleseye - Thanks for those two, I was not aware of the Sawtry & District Astronomy Society so I will have a look at that. I had found the Papworth Astronomy Club website but it seems a bit inactive, not been updated in months and no contact info for anyone in the club. Does anyone know if it is still active? Thanks again to everyone for the welcome and advise. If there is anyone around here that is out observing regularly and wouldn’t mind me coming along then give me a shout, I would really appreciate it
  11. Hello everyone, thought i would introduce myself on here. I’m Stu, I live near Huntingdon and work in Cambridge I’m quite new to astronomy, after spending hours staring up at the stars i thought i was about time i got a bit more involved in observing but i dont know where to start to be honest Are there many people from the Cambridge aeria on here? I would quite like to meet some local people who are in to amerture astronomy Hope everyone has been enjoying the longer October nights Stu
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