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  1. I can't see a cloud in the sky which has been a rare sight recently, hopefully get the scope out for the first time in about 2 months!
  2. I have the celestron omni and it gives very crisp views and is good for locating objects as most lower power EPs. I'm not sure what the SW one is like though.
  3. I thought thats what this was all about; looking at clouds with our telescopes...? I may have been doing it wrong all this time
  4. For me its the fact that I've only started properly observing and I've only seen two messiers so far so I've got a lot more to go, I know others have covered a lot of them but I'm guessing you never really get bored of looking at the same thing over and over purely because we are able to see with our scopes millions of light years away.
  5. I reckon theres plenty we'd like to get, I just blame the suppliers who give you the basic items with your scope such as the useless RDF on my astromaster, then the standard EPs! They get us to buy the better equipment separately so its not our fault
  6. I've got a range of GSO plossls (all in my sig are GSO apart from my 32mm which is a Celestron omni plossl) and I can't complain about them really. The 9 and 12mm do have small eye relief but thats to be expected really however the 15mm and 20mm are brilliant and give really nice, crisp views.
  7. I've heard that some webcams act like a 6mm EP so thats why they have high mag and when you add a 2x barlow to that, you'll end up getting a lot of zoom (I think) Im not sure about the rest though, I'm confused about the whole 'x' minute subs at 'x' iso/exposure etc etc
  8. Another thing added to the list for fanatics to make a big deal about....
  9. Aww theres no price tag, we can only wonder what a monster like that would cost!
  10. I was a bit wary the first time doing it but found it to be a breeze. Nowadays I'll only collimate it if its really bad though, but the scope stays in the conservatory and its just a case of lifting it out of the door into the garden
  11. Are BSTs a decent upgrade from the standard EPs or are they high quality (not Televue standard). What are they like compared to the GSO plossls is what I'm asking
  12. I know that you're not to look at the sun directly (a bit obvious) but how come when its rising/setting you can see its a globe just like how you can see the moon. It doesn't seem to shine but just looks like a red/orangey circle in the sky and looking at it seems fine (I don't constantly stare at it) Is this something to do with the atmosphere dulling it somehow?
  13. I'll be heading out to Powys in June and it'll probably be the first time I'll see a proper dark sky, a shame I won't be able to take my scope though there!
  14. I think it also helps with contrast with some of the brighter objects such as Jupiter too but someone might have to correct me on that
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