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  1. Hi, i know this thread getting on a bit but i just had to 2nd EA2007's post..." Yorkshire Dales, past Richmond, up towards Hawes " I live right in the middle of the dales and we get some great skys here. I would urge any one nearby to pack ya scope and visit.
  2. Omg I just witnessed this too ! The most stuning thing i have seen in the sky, i can hardly type...
  3. Thanks very much for the welcome posts, nice to see some of them are from guys i have taken advice from in other threads Realy enjoying the new scope apart from the finder. Its a bit frustrating finding some objects with it. Especialy with my friends Nexstar 6se alongside it. Telrad on order !
  4. Canned-Ham


    Hi there. Great scope choice, Enjoy !
  5. Hello...im new here too !
  6. Hello everyone! I have just recently renewed my interest in the skys and have been using this site as a guide to buying a new scope. Its been realy helpfull reading posts from all you guys. Upon resuscitating my battered 20 year old 4" tasco, i quickly realised it was not going to give me the joy it used too. So with the help of threads on here i treated myself to a Skywatcher 250 auto. Had it about a month now...Absolutely love it! Now i just need more clear skys! Cheers
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