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  1. Hi guys, just got my new camera out, and its not getting recognised by my laptop. Does anyone know of a site where I can download its driver free of charge. ? Looked around but everywhere asks for its winzip file to be opened. I have no CD driver on my new laptop, so I can't use the disc included in the package, Cheers for any input. Yours Eddie
  2. Yes I have Sharpcap 3.2 installed on my new laptop. Any idea whats going wrong ?? Any advice is more than welcome sat here dumb founded
  3. Hi peeps. Hoping you can help me out here. I tried using my camera last night on the moon, but it wont show up on my Sharpcap programme. just a time out box then it shuts down ?? Any idea or pointers would be more than appreciated, Cheers Eddie (very confused sat here) :-(
  4. Here's my only attempt at Messier Object number 103. A beautiful open cluster
  5. Hi guys, Been looking over these awesome Mars images of late, I've decided to show my poor yet only image taken witha toucam Pro II camera. Sept 16, 2011
  6. Bought a new laptop and now all working well. Now for all this bad weather to abaite and give me a clear sky for once eh ....:-(
  7. me again, Me again, bought a new 925 celestron sct and neximage10. Downloaded the sharpcap, icap and amcap. None of them show any picture image Any advice more than welcome Eddie H
  8. Cheers Peter, I've downloaded that and wil see if it works in the near future.
  9. Hi Guys, I'd like to buy one of the cameras for my new telescope. Alas, my laptop doesn't have a cd driver in it. Is there a website where I can down load the driver software. I've looked everywhere and can't find one. Or, if not, what about the Neximager 5 ???? Hope I've posted this in the correct place. Yours Eddie H
  10. No sorry all for one no good with scopes and no mount
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