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  1. Thanks very much Thinking about it now, that image was actually one of the last subs that I tried, I stuck on a 28-135mm lense I think - I just skewed the camera around to try and different portion of the sky, I got lucky Next time I would love to get in closer to M31 the other 2 images I think were some of the first that I shot, centred on polaris if I remember correctly. Thanks kindly, can't wait to try some more
  2. Hi all! Not been around for a long time due to work and family commitments. At the start of the year I enquired about getting into imaging, and a nice guy called @Bukko replied to my thread and offered to give me a EQ3-2 mount! I collected it from his lovely wife Mrs Bukko all the way back in January, and it has taken me until now to get it set up properly and sort out a dovetail bar that I could mount a ball head on for my DSLR. Well, 2 weekends ago I set up in the garden, following youtube videos along the way! When I looked through the polar scope there was a star quite near the polaris mark!! I hoped that it was polaris, and spent the next 45 minutes attempting to fine tune the alignment, I didn't manage to get it perfectly in the spot but it was getting late / cold so I thought I would just try and shoot a few frames and see what happens. Wow I was lost for words, sharp looking subs! I tried a couple of minutes first with the 50mm f1.8 and they looked great on the camera! Weather has not been kind ever since really, but I can't wait to get outside with it again! I think I caught a galaxy on one image (IMG_4753.jpg), maybe someone could clarify? Next time I want to try a longer lense and see how the subs are looking. Thanks again to @Bukko, absolute legend! Shutter: 191s F-number: 8 ISO: 400 Focal: 28mm Shutter: 631s F-number: 8 ISO: 200 Focal: 50mm Shutter: 119s F-number: 8 ISO: 800 Focal: 50mm
  3. Hi Gordon, That sounds great, I just want to have a play with some wide field stuff and work my way up too the 70-200 when I have gotten the hang of it really I will drop you a PM now, Dan
  4. Hi Gordon, that would be amazing, just around the corner really too Would this be what I require to get it driving? http://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/enhanced-dual-axis-dc-motor-drive-for-eq3-2.html
  5. thanks guys, a EQ3 pro sounds ideal really with the GOTO - so I guess they are easier to set up than the star adventurer? Shame there are not really any 2nd hand ones around If I did go for the basic £200 star adventurer, what bits would I need for it get going with my dslr?
  6. great stuff, i was following the build and i too have had a long time away from this forum. good to see you up and running now though! what kind of electronicy stuff have you been building? I'm a electronic engineer by trade and also a avid tinkerer
  7. Looks like they have added lots of features! So what are the pros / con of using the star adventurer vs a bottom of the range mount, just considering DSLR photography for now? Is the Sky-Watcher SynScan AZ GOTO any good, not much more than the star adventurer? Thanks
  8. I will have to look into it a bit more, would I need all the extras to begin with? thanks
  9. Hi all. I have been into DSLR photography for years now, and have enjoyed doing some static / wide-field imaging of the night sky. I bought a Skywatcher 130p from my good friend TingTing a couple of years ago but have no used it yet, due to lack of time and more importantly, a lack of a mount. Primarily I would like to start imaging with my Canon gear, I have a few lenses I want to try out (namely the 50mm f1.8 and a 70-200 f2.8 L). What options have I got for a mount, primarily for the DLSR but maybe something I can also use the telescope on too? I am operating on a tight budget so it would be nice to keep the price low, around £200 ideally. I have been meaning to build a barn door tracker, but have not managed to find the time so I have been looking at the star adventurer recently. My other options are maybe a EQ3 or something like that, the GOTO feature could be very useful. Look forward to hearing your advice, Dan
  10. cool, thanks for posting. I have built something similar myself with a pro-mini. What did you write the PC config software in - guess it just sends serial commands to the nano?
  11. could you not simply use some cheap USB to Ethernet adapters (think 100m max length IRC) and a powered usb hub at the scope end? That way you could do it cheap and with minimal hardware
  12. I have got a couple of PACE stations that I use a lot and I think they are great
  13. Thanks all. Wish I didn't have so much grass in the composition but was working with the tripod down so the camera was almost on the ground. Certainly a nice place to view from though
  14. Many thanks! Image was taken on a Canon 7D through a Sigma 10-20mm, 30s / F3.5 @ 800ISO I know so many that I though id have on the sensor mate! would have loved to captured that absolute monster of a green one that we saw though All good fun though Thanks Andy, yes I think it must be given the orientation that I was shooting in
  15. totally love that mate, looking epic in full res
  16. nice idea and very well implemented! have you got any results to share yet?
  17. got it working with the adafruit library now
  18. confusing, can't seem to see the dew point example https://github.com/RobTillaart/Arduino/tree/master/libraries/DHTlib but it does mention it on this page http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/DHT11Lib
  19. looks like the only library with the dew function is the DHT11 lib? I was using the adafruit one I think, I have to look into it a bit deeper
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