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  1. Thanks very much Thinking about it now, that image was actually one of the last subs that I tried, I stuck on a 28-135mm lense I think - I just skewed the camera around to try and different portion of the sky, I got lucky Next time I would love to get in closer to M31 the other 2 images I think were some of the first that I shot, centred on polaris if I remember correctly. Thanks kindly, can't wait to try some more
  2. Hi all! Not been around for a long time due to work and family commitments. At the start of the year I enquired about getting into imaging, and a nice guy called @Bukko replied to my thread and offered to give me a EQ3-2 mount! I collected it from his lovely wife Mrs Bukko all the way back in January, and it has taken me until now to get it set up properly and sort out a dovetail bar that I could mount a ball head on for my DSLR. Well, 2 weekends ago I set up in the garden, following youtube videos along the way! When I looked through the polar scope there was a star quite near the polaris mark!! I hoped that it was polaris, and spent the next 45 minutes attempting to fine tune the alignment, I didn't manage to get it perfectly in the spot but it was getting late / cold so I thought I would just try and shoot a few frames and see what happens. Wow I was lost for words, sharp looking subs! I tried a couple of minutes first with the 50mm f1.8 and they looked great on the camera! Weather has not been kind ever since really, but I can't wait to get outside with it again! I think I caught a galaxy on one image (IMG_4753.jpg), maybe someone could clarify? Next time I want to try a longer lense and see how the subs are looking. Thanks again to @Bukko, absolute legend! Shutter: 191s F-number: 8 ISO: 400 Focal: 28mm Shutter: 631s F-number: 8 ISO: 200 Focal: 50mm Shutter: 119s F-number: 8 ISO: 800 Focal: 50mm
  3. Hi Gordon, That sounds great, I just want to have a play with some wide field stuff and work my way up too the 70-200 when I have gotten the hang of it really I will drop you a PM now, Dan
  4. Hi Gordon, that would be amazing, just around the corner really too Would this be what I require to get it driving? http://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/enhanced-dual-axis-dc-motor-drive-for-eq3-2.html
  5. thanks guys, a EQ3 pro sounds ideal really with the GOTO - so I guess they are easier to set up than the star adventurer? Shame there are not really any 2nd hand ones around If I did go for the basic £200 star adventurer, what bits would I need for it get going with my dslr?
  6. great stuff, i was following the build and i too have had a long time away from this forum. good to see you up and running now though! what kind of electronicy stuff have you been building? I'm a electronic engineer by trade and also a avid tinkerer
  7. Looks like they have added lots of features! So what are the pros / con of using the star adventurer vs a bottom of the range mount, just considering DSLR photography for now? Is the Sky-Watcher SynScan AZ GOTO any good, not much more than the star adventurer? Thanks
  8. I will have to look into it a bit more, would I need all the extras to begin with? thanks
  9. Hi all. I have been into DSLR photography for years now, and have enjoyed doing some static / wide-field imaging of the night sky. I bought a Skywatcher 130p from my good friend TingTing a couple of years ago but have no used it yet, due to lack of time and more importantly, a lack of a mount. Primarily I would like to start imaging with my Canon gear, I have a few lenses I want to try out (namely the 50mm f1.8 and a 70-200 f2.8 L). What options have I got for a mount, primarily for the DLSR but maybe something I can also use the telescope on too? I am operating on a tight budget so it would be nice to keep the price low, around £200 ideally. I have been meaning to build a barn door tracker, but have not managed to find the time so I have been looking at the star adventurer recently. My other options are maybe a EQ3 or something like that, the GOTO feature could be very useful. Look forward to hearing your advice, Dan
  10. cool, thanks for posting. I have built something similar myself with a pro-mini. What did you write the PC config software in - guess it just sends serial commands to the nano?
  11. could you not simply use some cheap USB to Ethernet adapters (think 100m max length IRC) and a powered usb hub at the scope end? That way you could do it cheap and with minimal hardware
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