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  1. Hi Peter I have asked around on net and l haven't got a satisfactory answer. I have a older hp laptop running win 7 and everything runs perfect. My other is a win 10 . I have had issues with a apwin which l use for photometry work and there were issues that. In fact folks around the world were complaining over win 10 which is the culprit. Mine works ok in win 10 now but occasionally l have to register win then it works. It seems to happen when win 10 updates. Sky X may be the solution but can be expensive if you haven't got a registered copy. I have the sky 6 pro and the newer version is too much to pay for. I have bought Guide 9.1 for my win 10 laptop to see if things work, which should do. Guide 9 is not pretty but covers everything ànd the regular updates are free and you can can as much data , catalogues etc as you want. Its also Ascom friendly. Steve J
  2. Hi Currently l use The Sky 6 software bisque to run my mount. In windows 7 on my old laptop . It works perfectly with all the Ascom drivers etc when uploaded to run my Cem60 mount. However, when l uploaded the same in windows 10 environment of my other computer, there seems to be an issue where although sky 6 sees the Ascom drivers for my mount ; the ioptron control software says the following." There is nothing to configure as all the settings have been moved to ioptron control ". Now l followed all the instructions and done the Ascom checks and everything seems ok. In sky 6 it says you haven't configured your settings. In windows 7 l did not have this issue. Has anybody got so.e advice? Cheers Steve J....
  3. Well..they work and l had them already so l decided to use them for my scope...etc.
  4. Hi As an update, finally managed to obtain new shorter cables for the various equipment on my Cem60 mount. Next step will be powered/wireless hub system. In the meantime I thinking of using a TP link system linking my cat 7 cables to the links . Currently I use startech coms with cat 7 between as a remote link from telescope to laptop. Could I remove the cat 7 between the startech coms and link shorter cat 7 cables from startech coms to TP link at the telescope and tp link to startech coms to laptop. Steve Johnston
  5. This reminds me of my old mead LX200 10" gps telescope. Making fine adjustments to polar align the heavy metal wedge etc was a nightmare. Not much fun in the cold and dark of an observatory. Steve Johnston
  6. Hi I considered this mount some time back, but lve always kept the thought on semi permanence with my system in my mind. I see you are an imager based o your choice of Ota. I must confess that l was attracted to it. A friend of mine has this ota and uses it for spectroscopy. I myself carry out photometry of active stars ,also asteroids and exoplanets.. when l have time. I have considered spectroscopy but can be quite expensive. I believe ioptron are bringing out a new mount have you heard? I will send a pic of my set up soon.. Regards Steve J
  7. Hi Jkulin You have a nice set up. I nearly bought the same OTA as yours , I went for a new C11 as it was on offer at the time which aloud me to spend more on a good quality field flattener of around £600. The image quality is superb with no aberration etc any where. objects are round edge to edge. I was puzzled how to power the hub on the mount. I have just recently realised that a 12v power pack plugged into the female connector next to the polar scope. How do you find the EC version as I have the other model ? I note you have a polemaster...very handy. regards steve j
  8. Hi I certainly was'nt "bragging" about my equipment. I was merely listing the equipment in regards to cable management. I am well aware of cable ties correct lengths of cables etc... What I was hoping for a reply on was cable connection to my CEM60 mount. There is a wire loom in the mount and the hub is not powered, and so I wanted some advice of running shorter cables to this and getting the hub to work. I had the cables all tied up neatly, but this I find is not really satisfactory. I know there is a power hub available which I may buy eventually, but in the short term working through the mount may be a more cost effective and more efficient method. I thought the inference that I was "bragging" about my equipment etc was little childish. It some time to get the equipment layout I currently use. I like many others all started with our own eyes to look up at the sky. Steve J...
  9. Currently I have an ipotron cem60 mounted on a pier. The equipment mounted on it is C11, 80mm piggy backed refractor, moonlight focusser, lakeside auto focusser, starlight xpress ccd sx694, filter wheel, altair astro ccd camera, starlight xpress x4 ccd, polestar and other assorted bits. My intention is to sort out the cable arrangement as some are to long etc. I believe the cables could be redirected via the cable arrangement to the mount, with shorter cable arrangements. could anyone help and provide advice on how to deal with this etc.
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