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  1. Hi, got a SW130p and I bough a goto synscan thing I hink to go with it and although havent used for months is not working properly. To put it short, when I plug it into my power pack the mount just spins round and round and I am scared of letting it run in case it burns the motor out Happened last summer, and got it out a few weeks ago and it did the same! I can feel the bug coming back with so many clear nights here lately but not having much luck with something to view from Any ideas?
  2. Yes I am, I have had a couple of smaller ap scopes and have also used this one before when we tried to do the 2 star alignment to no avail months ago when she bought it. She hasnt touched it since until last week and now I find all this out I could blumming scream and how badly its been looked after I know for a fact the EP is in properly, and in the 10ml and 12ml I have seen really nice detail on the moon and star like dots in the EP when scanning the sky looking to align even when I cant find the star I want I think I will have to go around in the daytime now which is very difficult being a lorry driver, and see if I can make more of it.
  3. We tried a 10ml and a 12ml omni ep. I turned the focuser all the way left and all the way right quite painstakingly a few times lol. We have looked at the moon before with the 10ml and it looked nothing like that I did suggest using her 25ml but her b/f has lost it The major concern for me is this, since talking I now know that her b/f "threw it in the wardrobe" although I doubt literally but it was left in there for a while before being brought downstairs where it appears the grandkids have had the lenes cap off and been messing with it as there was grease all over the glass I am also informed she took it out solo last week and had no joy in seeing the moon then and she may of slammed it down on the floor in fustration. Not the tube but with it being on the tripod. Her b/f has also lost the tray that steadies the legs. I have let her know this is not how to look after a telescope you paid £400 for and she knows but its happened now and I just want to help her fix it. Could a knock have caused something to move? Looks ok when you shine a light down the tube but nothing in the ep not even stars in the night sky
  4. Just been outside with the mother-in-law to help her with her new telescope the SW Mak127 with goto (I think) we've got it out to have a look at the moon and all it is is a white blob. The focuser makes it's a big white blob one way and then turned the other way makes it a little white ball that looks like a scrunched up piece of paper. We know it wasn't like this when she got it because we've had it out before but now we've come to use it again we can't seen anything all we get is black of the sky and white of the moon, no detail.
  5. Ok, thank you. We could not see arcturus from her garden only vega so would we be better trying the 1 star align and having it set to north before finding vega or is it pretty much useless doing a 1 star anyway? She found jupiter went out of fov too quick for her to keep up
  6. Does anyone know how to get this tracking? She found Jupiter by herself last night and wants to track it but we don't know if it needs alignment first?
  7. Well we never got the alignment stage as the thickest blanket of clouds ruined it after about 7-8 hours of clear skies Managed to get Jupiter in view for a minute but never bumped the mag up with a barlow but she was still happy bless her. The power pack I have is a SW one from FLO I think it is 7ah already? Will try to align another time now when its clearer
  8. Thanks I will see how we fare and report back. She will be happy to just see Jupiter so anything else would be a bonus
  9. Thanks for the replies, I had it aligned so it was just off centre the first time but when I went to something like the ring nebula I could see nothing in or around that ares it was **** When doing a 1 star alignment does the mount need to be facing notrth or the tube facing a certain position before starting the alignment? It doesnt make it very clear in the instructions on how to actually get going
  10. Can anyone give us any tips? We are gonna get it out tonight as it looks like it will be clear. What can we see DSO wise with this scope? Last time we tried to align it wasnt far off but could see nothing with it I am not sure if it is because it was july and it was still too light in the sky but we are going for Jupiter tonight as that is all she wants to see but I want to be able to cheer her up after spending so much on a scope and get her seeing things. Maybe andromada will be out not sure if we will see it from her garden yet. Such a stress for something with is meant to be so fun
  11. I am staying out in my lorry on thursday night somewhere in the north east so no doubt it will be cloudy then If it looks clear I am toying with the idea of parking up somewhere dark and setting my alarm for midnight where I should get to see the show in its busiest spell.
  12. What is there to laugh at it looks good! Well done mate
  13. I saw a few in the end but none in or near cassiopia Think I will go for a drive on thursday night and find somewhere dark
  14. My skies are so polluted though I am surprised I saw owt
  15. I came out to have a look and dusted down scope to see Jupiter for first time with a SW130pm and it looked amazing! Could see clear banding across and 4 moons I was amazed compared to my 60ml something last time I looked Had to come in as I ave broke the mount somehow it started to spin on its own and wont stop even after unplugging and re plugging several times Saw one shooting star just out side cassiopia in about 1 and a half hours being out Going back out soon though buzzing after seeing Jupiter so clear
  16. MSAS: Our Telescope Sorry I stand corrected its a newtonian I was wrong 61cm is roughly 24 inches though I think, the link to the telescope is above and I have seen the ring neb and orion neb through it and was amazing seeing the ring it was actually green ish in colour. And they reckon it is good enough to see around 75% of the known universe, or at least thats what one of the blokes said who is trained on it. They have just started weekly observing sessions to weather permitting and I cant wait, I was supposed to go for a view of the sun last week through their solar scope and it rained Are you local to Nottingham then? It is £40 a year and tenner admin fee first time I dont know if they are taking members now though you can email them from the website and they will let you know if you are interested.
  17. I loved coming in from work last winter and having 10 minutes in the back yard looking at it before it disappeared behind the house in my little 70ml something and I was impressed then. I have a sw 130 now so I am sure it will improve and my astro club have a 24 inch refractor and I cant wait to have a look through that bad boy Still not as good as saturn for me though, its that band that makes it special for me, cant wait to see the rings from the top/bottom in a few years
  18. Hi, thanks for that but it is a synscan goto mount so no weights. I guess I will have another blast next week now and try to get the balance right. On a side note I might be going to view the sun through a solar scope and reverse binos(whatever they are lol) tomorrow night at my local astro club I canny wait
  19. Ah that would make sense. I never thought of it balancing. I took it off today and had a look in the light and it feels sturdy enough on the part where the dovetail fits moving up and down so I must need to balance it properly. On another note does anyone know where I can get one of them eye pieces with the cross on for aligning? Had a look on FLO but dont know what they are called and cant find one that looks like it is what it should be
  20. There is one lever that screws into my dovetail bar and that feels fine after I have just checked. Cant understand why it seems to be "slipping" back
  21. So then, following on from my thread the other night I have purchased a power pack from FLO and took it out tonight to get this goto mount working. First alignment was quite good and when I shot back to vega to test it it was only a few mm off. Could find nothing after on the M list though other then darkness I tried to re-align around 3 times till I noticed the scope dip at the point of alignment on vega so I had a look and found a big lever underneath which is suppose to set the mount(for me 53 degrees) but even though it wont tighten anymore it is still lose enough to randomly "slip" back in which case ruins the alignment. On the plus side I got to see saturn again before it fell behind the houses and I still cant believe it is 1,500,000,000km away and it is right there in my eye piece with a ring as clear as day and 3 moons to makes me laugh when the mrs says "its still tiny though" as if she is expecting it to be huge Is the fitting knackered on the mount so I need a new one or can I fix it/doing something wrong? Getting really fed up now, on the plus side the local astro club I have just joined is gonna hold weekly viewing nights this year and they have a 24 inch bad boy in the obs I canny wait to see some stuff in that
  22. Where are in you in the country? I have a mount that came with my SW 130p and a motor(never used) and I have upgraded my mount to goto recently. If you are close enough to collect you can have it for free. It was used when I bought it but I did not have the patience to learn how to cope/deal with an EQ mount, still have instructions and all that so if it is any good to you(so you can buy a tube without mount and will need dovetail rings for fixing) then you can have it gratis. If not then no worries, just a thought while it is cluttering up my dining room Edited to say, not sure which mount I am sure one of the experienced guys will know....maybe a EQ 2?
  23. My neighbours are from Bermuda and caught me looking out(trying to) my scope the other night and after a few hours of talking astro nonsense they tell me in Bermuda in the mornings there used to be a star that rose with the sun calling it "the morning star" and wondered if it was a star or a planet. I said I will try to find out for them but have come up with no conclusive evidence. I used stellarium and if my co-ordinates are right "could" be Venus but was hoping one of you smarter folk on here would either know or help me in my quest to find out? Many thanks for anyone taking enough time to read and/or reply
  24. Thanks for the replys, I was quite drunk last night and being distracted by my neighbours who kept coming out and stopping me mid flow cause they wanted to see something I did have it cracked but by the time I worked it out the batteries died so I think I will have to work out a way of powering it now, then I am looking forward to testing it out again. Was being a bit mardy last night I will get over it And I know about the EM group but I opted to join the one at sutton obs for 2 reasons, I have done a basic astronomy course there and love their huge scope and 2 it is closer then sawley and easier to get to from where I live. Hoping that once I get the scope up and running I will be able to attend a star party at some point this year and get a bit more involved with the hobby and gain more knowledge on the whole "sky" and what is where etc
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