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  1. Go indoors, make coffee and watch TV or play Fifa, depends on whether the wife is still up or not.
  2. Nice images there. I was observing these three targets last night and the seeing was so terrible which makes them even more impressive.
  3. Nice image there, looks just as I observed last night.
  4. Lovely shot Gina, keep going.
  5. Thanks for the comments, they give me encouragement to carry on. Here is the image with better flats so most of those nasty gradients have been reduced.
  6. What more can I say love it.
  7. Managed another 40 subs last night on this. An I am really surprised by how much more detail has come out. Total exposure time is now 2 hours 42 mins. Shame about the gradient, but I seem to be having problems with flats, so I'll just keep trying (One day I will have an EL panel wife permitting:)).
  8. I like it, and you should be pleased for unguided .
  9. Re-taken the flats and spent a little more time processing andf have ended up with this. Roll on darkness so I can get some more data.
  10. Hi all, Here is a quick process of M63 which I captured last night. Hope to get some better flats this evening an some more data. 41 x 2 minute subs 10 darks 16 flats 20 bias It is a crpped image to hide a nasty gradient, but I am pleased with the results so far. All comments accepted. Cheers Phil
  11. Flats should fix this see this thread as I had a similar problem. http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-deep-sky/179820-what-went-wrong.html Cheers Phil
  12. phodso


    Hi Damian, welcome to SGL. I am in the centre of Lincoln. Phil
  13. Thanks for the welcomes, and yes I do have Lincoln Cathedral around the corner. Just to make things worse new houses have been built directly to my south which has 2 lovely spot lights for the car park (Also blocked my view of the caslte). Have come across this website which others may find useful http://www.avex-asso.org/dossiers/pl/uk/index.html Cheers Phil
  14. Right guys have had a chance to recapture the flats, and there is an improvement in the gradient although far from perfect. I also used PS to create a dummy flat (If thats what you would call it) and both images are attached. Thanks for all the assistance and hopefully this thread has been of use to others on this steep learning curve. I certainly have learned that you check the flats before breaking the kit down.
  15. Hi all, I am Phil and I live in Lincoln. I took this hobby up in 2003, but have had a few years away due to getting married and having a family. Well the kids are getting older now and my oldest daughter reminds me how good it is to see something like the moon close up. (The wow factor we have all experienced at some time). For those of you who know Lincoln we have a couple of tourist attractions which are illuminated most of the night, my problem is they are almost in my back garden. Do any of you guys and girls know of some good dark locations in the area, preferably somewhere I wouldn't run
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