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  1. Well strictly speaking not my 1st camera as I have a little Celestron planetary cam as well as well as the Nikon and its T adaptor.. but i wanted something moderatly priced that could do Deep sky without the discomfort of squinting through a tiny eyepiece
  2. I was thinking of getting one of these as well (trying to use an old Nikon D50 and getting focus right through an eyepiece is to damned hard:mad:) and was wondering if it can be used as a guide cam at the same time as imaging? Other than that as a complete novice to astro imaging and wanting something for both planetary and DSO's is this a good buy?
  3. I thought Dara was prety good last year and BC is always a sure fire win for presenting. As mentioned above.. i just hope they keep Ross away from it Would suggest Jennifer Aniston as she is also an amatuer astronomer by all accounts (not to mention good eye candy )
  4. Just received my 8" CF model with a HQ5pro mount last night Got it unboxed and set up.... put my head outside and low and behold was greeted with a sky that had clouded up... GRRRRR the curse of a new scope
  5. Wow! I like the look of the LX80! But I am concerned about past stories of Meade reliability and customer service
  6. Well relative to the 12" Dob I use at the moment.. I know the only real difference is going to be the mounting but its a bit of a beast to maneuver around the garden at times.
  7. Just wondering... are these things good for genereal observing as well? Relative question i know.. but humour me lol
  8. Got a Skywatcher Dob Auto just a few moths ago.. cant fault it as a scope.. has fabulous optics and gives great results (on the 2 occasions I have been able to use it.. stuipid english weather) But for some reason I cannot make head nor tale out of the tracking feature.. instruction book tells me to press 2 buttons together, but yet it still will not track (and yep I did do the initial set up prcedure)... anyone had any similar issues?
  9. in all truthelness the balance of it can be a bit of an issue, but not a huge one if you are careful. Cant fault the Flexitube though.. still having a problem trying to figure out the tracking on it though
  10. Hi Thing Kit used was a Nikon D50 attached with a Tadaptor to a Baader Hyperion and a Skywatcher 12" flexitube Dobsonian
  11. Took these last week Focus is a bit dodgy so apologies for that. (Hopefully these have uploaded ok >.<)
  12. Bogbreath


    Yeah well its one ive used on forums for a while for.. well.. no good reason other than its one I plucked out of the air lol
  13. Bogbreath


    New to the forum Been into this ere addiction for a number of years now, owner of a Celestron 127 slt msc and a Starwatcher 12" dob since June (which has been accused of being the curse of our grotty summer ) Looking forward to some clear nights so I can make use of slr attachment on the Dob:D
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