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  1. Hello. This startrails is very well but this it not meteor, this is a flare of satellite. Good bye.
  2. Thank you ! Yes, he did. But he move too fast... Excuse me for my bad English. A+
  3. Hello all ! This is my animation of dwarf planet, (1) Ceres, in Leo, with 3 pictures.But a Moon is very embarrassing, we not see a lot of stars:(... Equipment : Canon EOS 400D + lens at 70 mm : 13s / 1600 ISO. Software : Iris. Good bye all !
  4. Hello all ! This is my picture of asteroid (1) Ceres or dwarf planet if you want in Normandy, France, Europe : Constellation : Near Leo Canon EOS 400D + lens 70-300 at 70. 1600 ASA Date : 02/21/2009 Good bye all ! Good sky !
  5. Hello all ! This is my picture of Moon-Venus and contrail of aircraft in Normandy, France : Canon EOS 400D + lens 70-300 at 300. 200 ASA Date : 01/30/2009 Good bye all !
  6. Hello all ! This is my picture and animation of a conjunction Saturn-Moon in France, Normandy (on Saturday 27th September 2008) Preview of animation : Download animation and Moon and Saturn here : http://dl.free.fr/qT7QDAZAN Star Trails of Moon and Saturn : And : Good bye and Thank you all !
  7. There is also nova in constellation Andromed : http://www.astroalert.su/2008/09/01/nova-and/ and : http://www.aavso.org/publications/specialnotice/122.shtml Excuse me for my bad English, I am French.
  8. Thank you all Yes i see, this is here : http://www.world-guides.com/images/isle_of_wight/isle_of_wight_map.jpg Yes, we are near :wave: This is my blog on Normandy : http://space76000.canalblog.com/ Etretat, Le Havre, cliffs Good bye and thank you all !
  9. Hello all ! This is my eclipse of 2008 August 01 in Europe in France, Normandy. There were many clouds . Partial solar eclipse in France . C8 + solar filter Thousand Oaks Optical Type 2 plus + Reducer f/6.3 + Canon EOS 400D Resume of partial solar eclipse : Start : Maximum : End : Excuse me for my bad English. Good bye !
  10. Thank you all. Zoom on picture : http://pix.nofrag.com/c/2/3/e8c42f2bd3f6e719ee22567c1f1e2.jpg and compare : http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/27/Thomsonfly.b757-200.g-byat.bristol.arp.jpg/800px-Thomsonfly.b757-200.g-byat.bristol.arp.jpg I like aviation mostly with my telescopes and 400D:) But I do not understand all that you said because it's in English. Excuse me for my bad English. Good bye and thank you !
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