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  1. With all due respect...you can draw your own premature conclusion about "Oumuamua". I'll prefer to wait until all of the facts are in before I draw mine about the true nature and origin of "Oumuamua". At least in that way...I will have given science the benefit of the doubt instead of science fiction.... Klitwo
  2. With all due respect....I believe the "same" could be said for the adjective "interesting" too....especially when it comes to trying to accurately describe something that currently has "no" confirmed scientific description or explanation....other than the use of "speculative"..... Klitwo
  3. Using the noun "speculation" or to "speculate" on what "Oumuamua" might possibly be (artificial or natural occuring?) would probably be more appropriate...especially if it were to be reviewed in a "hypothesis" in an academic setting. With all due respect....the use of the adjective "interesting" just doesn't seem "interesting" enough (except for a layman maybe) to arouse much "if any" scientific curiosity in a thesis that's about to be reviewed by one's peers.... P.S. Obviously the scientific community finds "Oumuamua" more than just "interesting"....otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation today! Klitwo
  4. "we"? The only thing I can agree with concerning your statement above about "Oumuamua" is: Yes...currently the evidence for "Oumuamua" being artificial is still quite "speculative". However....the best current "observed" telescopic view we have of "Oumuamua" when it was passing through the inner solar system was at a such a great distance and with it being such a small object that nothing...even it's true shape and any surface features could be resolved even with some of the world's largest telescopes that tried to track it. Only a NASA flyby mission that can image it at some appropriate distance can resolve any speculation and conflict about it's true nature, size, shape, surface features and possible origin.....until then it is still "speculation" and "conjecture" what "Oumuamua" actually is...a fact that even the great Carl Sagan if he were still here among us, would have probably agreed with. Our best view of "Oumuamua", from the William Herschel Telescope on October 29, 2017. Image via Queen’s University Belfast/William Herschel Telescope....> http://en.es-static.us/upl/2018/11/oumuamu-William-Herschel-Telescope-11-5-2018.jpg https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/609Ng8.gif Klitwo
  5. Thanks to Mariner 4, launched on November 28, 1964, was the first successful flyby of the planet Mars and gave mankind the first glimpse of Mars at close range. Had we not launched Mariner 4 we wouldn't have been able to "confirm" the existance of huge craters on Mars. Until then (July 14 and July 15, 1965)...even using the world's largest telescopes at some of Mar's closest approaches of 35 million miles....the existance of craters on Mars was all "conjecture" and "speculation".....Public Domain image....> https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Mariner_4_craters.gif Klitwo
  6. Oops! An ancient artifact leftover from the great Martian pyramid building days in the Cydonia region on Mars....> Klitwo
  7. The Star-Liner equatorial clock-driven Newtonian mounts were quite elegant looking....certainly one that always stood out in an observing field of telescopes....> https://www.cloudynights.com/uploads/monthly_07_2013/post-213982-14074148108382.jpg https://www.cloudynights.com/uploads/monthly_01_2017/post-213982-0-97559700-1483758404.jpg Klitwo
  8. Consider making an adjustable pier height...a smaller dia. telescoping steel tube within a slightly larger dia. steel tube..... Klitwo
  9. If you were into amateur Astronomy back in the 1970s...you probably saw the Star-Liner advertisements in all of the popular astronomy magazines at the time. Here's one of their 1972 catalogs showing thier combination Cassegrain-Newtonian reflecting telescope (page 28) and many other accessories as well. They made much larger ones too....up to 16-inchers and even made 40-inch mirrors to boot. They're still a desirable cassegrain telescope as a "collectable" to have in your backyard observatory....if you can still find one for sale that is. The old Star-Liner company is long gone now but they are "still" a blast from the past....> https://web.archive.org/web/20151016214343/http://geogdata.csun.edu/~voltaire/classics/star-liner/SL.pdf https://astromart.com/classifieds/astromart-classifieds/telescope-reflectors/show/20-inch-starliner-cassegrain-newtonian-reflecting-telescope Klitwo
  10. If it's going to happen it needs to happen soon....> https://www.nextbigfuture.com/2018/11/oumuamua-mission-value-versus-new-horizon-pluto-and-europa-clipper.html P.S. This was in today's MSN top news again....> http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/harvards-top-astronomer-says-an-alien-ship-may-be-among-us-—-and-he-doesnt-care-what-his-colleagues-think/ar-BBTaWxw?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=AARDHP Klitwo
  11. What's even more surprising is NASA's lack of a response to "Oumuamua's" recent inner solar system visit. Even as "Oumuamua" glides past Saturn's orbit....NASA has or had a chance to send a rocket at break neck speed...a sling shot around the sun to catch up to "Oumuamua", to observe and image it at some appropriate distance before it leaves our solar system and back into deep space for good. If NASA would have done this, we would have finally understood the mystery of "Oumuamua", it's possible origin (artificial or natural occurring) and perhaps even it's final destination. Sadly that's not going to be the case....at least not yet anyway. Klitwo
  12. Here is thier phone number...give them a call....> (319) 351-3960 Email: info@opticalmechanics.com Klitwo
  13. Thier website is still up and running....> http://www.opticalmechanics.com/ P.S. I see nothing on thier website at this point that suggests they are closed down or out of business.... Klitwo
  14. I kindly ask...then what are "you" assuming then...is it artificial or isn't it? There are certain elements in it's characteristics and behavior that can possibly be attributed to either hypothesis....unless of course you perhaps know something about "Oumuamua" that NASA doesn't? If that's the case...then you've chosen the right forum to discuss it in. Here is what we know about "Oumuamua" so far....> https://www.nbcnews.com/mach/science/what-oumuamua-here-s-what-we-know-about-interstellar-object-ncna963656 P.S. Even NASA will tell you this....that the only way to know for sure what "Oumuamua" is would be to study it up close. Klitwo
  15. The movie "Arrival" (Circa: 2016) is probably one good example (use your imagination here) why advanced aliens (If they exist) would want to visit planet Earth in the first place.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arrival_(film Even though it's pure science-fiction....the so-called advanced aliens light sail shaped spaceships in the movie "Arrival" bear a similar theoretical depiction of the size and shape of "Oumuamua" (Circa: 2017)...... http://cdn.collider.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/arrival-poster-russia.jpg Klitwo
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