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  1. I have a digital camera,tonight i tried taking a few pictures of the moon and jupiter,the pictures came out rubbish as you can see How can i make my pictures better?
  2. I saw a few nice ones last night,even managed to catch a glimmer of the paler ones,despite the moon
  3. 02476lisa

    Hi everyone

    Im lisa,26 from the west midlands,uk.I have always been facinated by the night skys,although the only equipment i have is my eyes,i have seen so much with them .I love to jump in my car at night and go somewhere out of the city and just sit gazing at the night sky:D I have been outside for the past hour waiting for the persied meteor shower.The Last couple of nights were a dissapointment because of the clouds,so i was quite glad to be able to catch a few tonight,despite the full moon. Hope you all managed to catch a few meteors too!
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