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  1. It's a mystery seem to be behaving itself now maybe because it's halloween :-) Thanks for your help. Trev
  2. Hi All, the Telrad is is firmly attached to the base with the screws tight there does not seem to be any loose components. I shall try again tonight as it is clear it's puzzling as the Telrad I know should follow the scope as mentioned. Trev
  3. I have just bought a Telrad finder as I have never been able to get on with the finder on my scope 8.75 reflector. I have attached the Telrad to the tube on my Dob and aligned it the scope view, but when the scope is moved around to view another object the the scope is no longer lined up with the Telrad, it is not loose on the on the tube. Any help I would be grateful. Thanks Trev
  4. Hi Ed, Glad you had a good night unfortunately I was unable to make it as we had invite to dinner with friends. Oh well hopefully next time. Trevor
  5. Hi Chris, I am Ed's club member and can confirm that the laminate that I received from David Lukehurst has worked very well and was called Stardust. The sheet was 16" square and cost £10 inc pp, it was an offcut so he may have other sizes. Trevor
  6. If you contact NGC1502 (Ed) on this site I think he may know a source where you can buy teflon. Trev
  7. Hi Rusty Strings, Please see PM I would be grateful for a little help. Thanks Life on Mars ?
  8. Thanks Moonshane I had seen your dob a while back and contacted you. It might have to come down to plywood, but would like to explore the possibility of other materials. I used to be in engineering years ago and could have made them the same as the Meade unfortunately I do not have access to a lathe now. Workmen were laying a new yellow gas mains near where I live which I thought a off cut might work as a bearing, but really was a too small a diameter, would have been a possibility if 8-10 inches. I will keep you posted.
  9. I would to build my 8.75 inch on similar lines to the Meade lightbridge I have bought Orion optics tube rings to which is going to be attached 2 aluminium flat bars between them. I would like to ask if anyone has any ideas what I can use for the altitude bearing please. I would like the bearings be the same as the Meade. I do not want to use wood for the bearings. Thanks life on Mars
  10. DSCN3307.jpg DSCN3306.jpg DSCN3308.jpg Moonshane I hope this is going to work!
  11. Thanks for advice Moonshane I did consider aluminium, thought it might not be sturdy enough, but perhaps it will. I did built an 8' dome out of steel and aluminium years ago before I moved, still have it, but it would take a lot of work to rebuild it. Tried to post some photos of building the dome, but does not seem to work at the moment. Have to have a play around to see if I can get it to work. Thanks again
  12. My first post, really impressed with the quality of your work. May I asked some questions please about the tube rings. I am going to make my old 8.75" Fullerscopes into a dob as it has a really heavy stand and I need to make it more portable to get away from light pollution. I read that yours came with the tube do you know anything about them, also the thickness and width of the steel as I am considering making them myself. Mine are going have to be 250 mm dia or another alternative is to bite the bullet and buy the tube Rings & Trunnion from oo for £60 then make the base. Your a
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