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  1. For Sale my new Zeiss copy 44mm thread , this has a thickness of 10mm, Quick Change Adapter ,!this enables one to change eyepieces ,cameras etc quickly on a Telementor scope. This is from a batch made this year in France. ,I no longer have my Zeiss scope as I exchanged my scope for an APO. My price £75 inc UK Post o.v.n.o.
  2. Hello, I am interested in this eyepiece,BUT what is your price including UK post. Many thanks ,John.
  3. Hi, This is a shot in the dark, would you consider an exchange for my immaculate Zeiss Telementor 2. Complete with some fittings for 11/4” eyepieces. But mounted on a TAL heavy tripod , as original was lost in transit. Can send photos if of interest. Kind regards, John.
  4. Hi Dave, I am interested in the Tal filter set,and can pay by PayPal,as friend or if you prefer,cheque. I hope I am not too late. Kind regards,John.
  5. Hi Dave, I have a reticle on glass,approx 25mm dia, this has a very small flat on the edge ,single line cross only . If any use just drop me a Email. It is free .Kind regards John.L.
  6. Hi a Frank, Many thanks for your reply, I will have a think and measure,and let you know,if not sold,on Friday evening. I trust that is ok. Kind regards,John.
  7. Hi, Could you please let me know the measurement between the mounting points for the tripod legs. of the Buggy. Many thanks, John.
  8. Hi Have you thought of Barbell weights,which have a 25mm centre hole. These are comparatively cheap on line. I have used them on my GP mount with no trouble. Worth a look ,even Tesco’s have them sometimes. Kind regards,John.
  9. Hi, If this is not yet sold, I am happy to pay your asking price,and pay by PayPal as friends etc. Please let me know the situation as soon as you are able. Many thanks,John.
  10. Hello, Could you please tell me the inside and outside diameter of the largest white ring at the back of the picture .Many thanks,John.
  11. Out of this world, a fantastic video!!!! Wish I could have been there. John.
  12. Hi Stu,I can recommend the Lunt ,which is excellent with my 70 mmF 12.5 scope,and as said a Continumm filter makes a great addition. As ever ones budget dictates ones choise . Good luck with which you decide to go with. John.
  13. This a bit too late,but in the old days a spiders web was used and is very stable and slightly transparent .!!!!!! Not good if you hate spiders.
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