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  1. If we only consider the terrestrial planets and moons, do you think the amount of water on earth is in the top 10%? Or are we perhaps average here? Could it be that the norm for terrestrial planets is to be completely covered with water? And that the earth is rare in its lack of water? (perhaps contrary to the normal rare earth hypothesis). I mean, we only have to go to Jupiter's Europa to find a place with a 100% water surface (although it is frozen). Do you know if any astronomer has tried to predict the prevalence of waterworlds based on available exoplanetary evidence? If perhaps it is rar
  2. I'm trying to find how much iron (by mass) is in the main asteroid belt. I'm finding a lot of sites that say 10% of the asteroids are M class, but is that by number or by mass? Does anyone know, and can you provide a reference?
  3. Hi All I have a couple of scopes at the moment and will be selling one to part finance a new mirror set. However I have a couple of questions in my mind: 1/ Is the jump from 16" to 20" large enough that a real difference is evident, or will I need to go bigger (22")? 2/Is there enough difference between a 20" and a 22" to justify the extra cost, The 22" is another £1000? Any replies gratefully received.
  4. Hey strangers, been a loooong time since I was here. Having another young n, moving house and working 3 shifts, means astronomy has taken a backseat. However,im desperate to dust off the scope and get out again but the new house is horrible for LP. I know i'll just be dissapointed when I do get back out, so i'm looking for a good but cheap LP filter. Can someone please point me in the rite direction? Ty for any help
  5. I figure that intelligent life couldn't have formed until, at the very least, the second generation stars that started birthing forth carbon (maybe 3 billion years after the Big Bang?). On Earth, it took something like 2.5 billion years until multicellular life formed, and so maybe we can estimate that intelligent civilizations didn't start popping up until ~7 billion years after the Big Bang. If this is true, that may imply that radio signals from these intelligent civilizations may have been traveling for ~7 billion years or so prior to today. Shouldn't that be a decent stretch across the co
  6. Does the effect of Gravity get bent like light around another gravitational source? If the object is close enough to the Earth does the Earth's gravitational force bent the Moon's or even the Sun's gravitational effect on that object before that "line of sight" event occurs. As Einstein's General Relativity was proven in 1919 with an solar eclipse of the Sun, light bents with a gravitational source why can't gravity. Will a Satellite around Earth in Low Earth Orbit feel the Gravitational pull before passing from the protection of the Earth's Umbria or will it feel nothing until the Sun is dire
  7. Hi guys, need a little help here. what would be the best way to connect my camera to the scope. i have a 90 degree diagonal. would it be best to connect it to this or direct to the focuser? what do i need for both. thanks in advance!
  8. i can get my hands on a second hand heq5 mount with synscan. just wanted to know if it would fit the tripod of my eq5? are they all the same
  9. Is it possible to save the time so you dont have to reset it everytime you power on the mount and also is it possible to dim the polar finder reticle using software, Ive heard on some varients this is possible but i cant see the option on my mount
  10. Hello. How do I connect my Skywatcher power tank to my clock motors? At moment I have a battery pack with Four size "D" (I think thats the size) 1.5 volt batteries, that plugs into the hand set. Having just acquired the Skywatcher power tank I would like to know what leads to buy..... thank you.
  11. Hi guys I am wondering whether a 40mm focal length eyepiece would work with my 12" flextube dob. Or will i get the kidney bean effect? Has anyone any opinion as to the longest focal length eyepiece that could be used with this scope. I currently have a 32mm Panaview eyepiece.
  12. Hi Guys After a favour please I have just bought a secondhand copy of Sky Atlas 2000.0. Really good condition. What i am after is the Telrad Overlay sheet that comes with the later Sky Atlas 2000.00. If anyone has one of these would it be possible to somehow copy it onto a plastic sheet at all. I know it may be a long shot but its worth the question. thanks guys
  13. Got my scope yesterday, assembled and had no problems with setup and alignment in general. When selecting some objects I got a warning, so I didn't enter them. Anyway, while motors were moving I noticed the focuser knob riding the base. I shut power off as soon as I could but it was probably under pressure for 10 seconds. I didn't hear anything bad, it didn't look bent, nor did I feel any extra play. But since I am so new, I wouldn't know if I messed up the tracking due to error in technique or hardware. Tried a search, but probably used the wrong terms. Any input greatly appreciated.
  14. I'm mulling over the possibility of building a 6" F/5 Newtonian reflector. I have two questions. -How much will the coma interfere with observing? -Will the amount of coma be greater with a 32mm, 50 degree AFOV Plossl than with a 25mm, 50 degree AFOV Plossl, all other things being equal? (i.e., does changing magnification affect coma)
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