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  1. I sent one very polite email(1) & received an answer the next day, the camera didn't turn up as per email but it was only a couple of days later. (1) I've found being polite even when ready to explode gets you further.(im not saying you were not!) I had a quick go the other night with the camera i had to use 1/500 shutter speed as jupiter was so bright in the 12" dob.
  2. "I have a limited viewing area and a small amount of light intrusion mainly from street lamps and my own house (wife refuses to walk around with a miner's helmet). " You could change all the bulbs in your house for red ones
  3. Mine also turned up today, what a suprise clouds! Astro panel shows clear skies & good seeing for tomorrow though
  4. ^This was what confused me. It all makes sense now, thank you. A 31mm Nagler would be nice but I was after something err....alot less £. Any suggestions?
  5. Whats the lowest 2" eyepeice i can use on my 12" f/5 1500mm dob? Can somebody also explain(i must be a bit thick) the diference when using say a 32mm ep with 55fov & a 32mm ep with 68fov, how does it display more when the magnification is the same? It's probably obvious when the right diagram is found:o
  6. Mine only goes out slightly, but i can colimate it in under 30seconds, so i do everytime.
  7. And another thing. An hour after i received the email i get another thanking me for my purchase & show more items i might like to order. Just what i need, to pay for some more stuff & not receive it:mad:
  8. I sent an email yesterday, had a reply this morning. Apparently stock arrived this morning & i'll receive my items tommorrow. Seems to me we are all getting fobbed off with "stock only arrived today". Do they not realise the people ordering this item might possibly be on a forum & can work out when they're being given the run around:rolleyes:
  9. Great, I ordered from Morgan on Thursday, guess i've a long wait:(
  10. I've just ordered a philips webcam & downloaded registax6, sharpcap & wxAstrocapture etc.(any others, please recommend) I thought i would have a play in an effort to teach myself the process in registax, I found a clip of jupiter using a handheld video camera. It was a fuzzy white blob, could only just see something which resembled two lines , it was wobbling & shaking everywhere. I was impressed with registax given the extremely poor footage. (My very first effort)
  11. A black permanent marker pen. Here's a question for you, where did you get your flocking material?
  12. Some pictures showing the difference when blacking out the secondary mirror edge.
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