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  1. I've decided to sell my Celestron Nexstar Evolution 8. It's in as-new condition, having only been used 3 times since unboxing. Everything is present and I think I've got the original boxes in the loft. I'm chucking in a few extras for free - dew shield, telrad and bahtinov mask. RRP is £1990, I'm asking £1400 ovno. Collection only from Bournemouth, or you can organise a courier at your own risk! Here's the low-down on the telescope - https://www.firstlightoptics.com/nexstar-evolution-telescopes/celestron-nexstar-evolution-8-telescope.html Thanks for your interest!
  2. My new Heritage 100P grab-n-go! Really pleased with this sub-£100 scope, all the way from FLO. Who else uses one? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/80140668/100P/20150825_194442.jpg https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/80140668/100P/20150825_194125.jpg https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/80140668/100P/20150825_194507.jpg https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/80140668/100P/20150825_194529.jpg
  3. After using my Evo 8 for a couple of nights, I can confirm that it's the easiest-to-use scope I've had - everything worked as it should - I connected my iPad to the scope WiFi first-time and used the tablet to control the device the whole of the first night, 3-star alignment was a doddle as usual (I'm used to it from my 4SE, which has never failed to align) and slewing to targets was spot-on every time (I do spend a lot of time getting my 3 alignment stars absolutely dead-centre, to get the goto as accurate as possible). I used the Sky Safari Pro 4 app to navigate around the sky, and it was f
  4. A somewhat delayed reply from me, I admit, but I dragged the dob out of the shed earlier today, hell bent on fixing the focusing issue; I'd been ignoring it a bit following dismal results last time around. Anyway, today I basically 'reset' the scope, in terms of moving the primary as far to the bottom of the tube as it'd go, and moving the secondary as close to the spider vanes as possible. I then adjusted the primary to get the middle 'polo' aligned with the collimator eyehole, and then centered the secondary. I then put the supplied extension tube (30mm I think) into the focuser, followed
  5. Excuse the background lol https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/80140668/Evo_8/evo8.jpg
  6. Well, my Evo 8 arrived this morning and is now ready for first light tonight, if the predicted clear skies happen! First impressions are that it's a lot more solid than the SE range, particularly the tripod and mount - there's a lot of metal about, so it feels more 'premium'. The clutches work really well and I connected the scope with both the SkyPortal and SakySafari Pro4 apps without a hitch, so that I could test moving the scope, and I have to say it appears to be really responsive. I think Celestron have done a great job on the design and feature set of this scope - can't wait to try i
  7. My new NexStar Evolution 8 arrives tomorrow, and the latest weather report says I should have clear skies - can't wait : )
  8. Anyone know exactly which 40mm and 13mm EPs the Celestron NexStar Evolution 8 comes with, ie are they e-lux, or omni, or something else?
  9. I've just ordered an Evo 8 from Amazon - for once, the cheapest price I could find! If, like me, you're mostly an observer with limited time, the Evo scopes are a good choice as they offer a truly grab-and-go solution. No more tangled/wrapped power cables to trip over, dead-easy levelling and alignment methods, simple app-based control, built-in red illumination for the EP tray, USB power point for your phone/tablet, AUX ports for accessories - basically everything you need to get out there and get observing in as short a space as possible, all in one package. I like doing a small amount of
  10. Quick & simple question - CPC 800 XLT or NexStar Evolution 8?
  11. Yeah, my mistake, I forgot the 4SE was the only mak in the SE range and that the other 3 scopes were Schmidt-Cassegrains! I've heard that the 8SE suffers from vibration, which is a worry, although the 4SE has a similar problem so I might just be used to it, and it won't be too much of an issue. The Evo 6 appears to have better motor gearing than the SE range, and that's something I would like to have for piece of mind, but of course it's 6" and not 8"...if only I could afford the Evo 8! 2nd hand CPC is something I've considered before, but I didn't find any good examples at the time, maybe I
  12. Hi all I'm thinking of upgrading to a new goto/tracking scope, and have around a grand to spend. I don't get a lot of time to use a scope and I'm pretty much just an observer, but do a little lunar and planetary imaging with a SPC900NC now and again. My first scope was a NexStar 4SE, which has been a great grab-and-go scope that's enabled me to see quite a lot of stuff, even given its small 4" aperture. I've also got a Revelation 8" dob, but it's not getting a lot of use as it's a pain to cart in and out of the shed, keep collimated, and (to my shame) I find manually tracking with it a bit
  13. Have re-collimated now, but can't test until we get some clear sky! Aggravating!
  14. I don't think so as before I did the clean etc, the scope was focusing ok.
  15. Hi Peter, yeah I can see what you're saying here, and it implies that I've moved the secondary the other way ie higher which has pulled the sweet spot 'into' the tube and out of reach of the focuser. I'm definitely going to start by adjusting the secondary, as from everyone's responses I'm sure this is what's caused the issue.
  16. I can see where you're coming from with this, but I'm pretty sure that the primary hasn't moved up/down the tube from where it was originally seated. I think I'm going to have to work backwards and try to undo the steps I made yesterday, which means starting with the secondary; I'll go right back to basics with that and get it properly centered under the focuser and if that doesn't help, I'll consider putting it back to its original 'high' position. I'll tweak the primary again anyway, as I'm sure it'll need it...hopefully somewhere along the line I'll fix the issue!
  17. Hi Charic I left the mirror in the cell when I cleaned it. When I refitted the mirror cell and collimated, I backed out the 3 white knobs so that the adjustments via the 3 black knobs were unrestricted. Once the primary was positioned I wound up the 3 white knobs so that they were finger-tight, and 'locked' the mirror in the cell. I think you may be right, and I've munged things by tampering with the secondary. Once I've got the secondary centred and non-elliptical under the focuser, won't tilting it then move it from being centered?
  18. Hi there I recently removed the primary mirror from my Revelation 8" Dob as it needed cleaning. There are simply 6 screws holding the mirror assembly in place, and after cleaning the mirror I just popped the assembly back in, making sure to put it back exactly where it was before (I marked one of the screw holes). As you can imagine, after that I needed to collimate the scope. I did this with a Cheshire, and had to make adjustments to the primary and secondary (the secondary has always been too 'high' ie too close to the top of the tube, so I took this opportunity to centre it under the focu
  19. Clouds - down with this sort of thing.
  20. Would you believe it - last night, clouds and rain everywhere down my way. This morning, as I'm getting into the car for work, skies are dark and clear and perfect for an hour's observing. Jupiter was a bright as I've seen it in a long time, and I was -this close- to going into work late but alas it was not to be. I bet tonight, the skies will be full of cloud again : / <sigh>
  21. Nothing worse than having a new scope and no chance to use it due to the crud weather! Let this be the start of a cloud rant for anyone in the same position!
  22. You make a good point A.G; however, I posted the link in this section specifically for beginners who I (maybe wrongly) presumed would just be setting up a scope for observing rather than imaging. I completely appreciate that for imaging, this guide is probably too simple, but for observing I have yet to find another guide that takes the mystery out of collimation and explains how to achieve it without going into tonnes of theory and pages of text, something which could quite easily put beginners off owning/using a reflector.
  23. I highly recommend this guide to collimation, it takes away a lot of the mystery about aligning your scope, and just works. I collimated my Revelation 8" dob in about 15 minutes following this guide, and that was the first time I'd ever done it. http://www.garyseronik.com/?q=node/169 Hope it helps! Baz
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