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  1. Tried a revelation 26mm 2" eyepiece with my Startravel 150 and could definately pick up the green in it on Friday night, it looked sharp and even imaged well by attaching a dslr to the scope to pick up the reds / purples on short exposures to stop trailing. The images arent great s they werent tracked but the colours are incredible
  2. Thanks, I'm adjusting manually for shutter speed but not f stop which should be f5? Cant figure out how to set the aperture usibg a scope but can with a lens so it makes sense. It does seem like the focuser runs out of travel when focusing on the moon. I have a 2" x2 barlow on the way so fitting this and the camera direct should work ?
  3. Orion is my favourite winter northern hemisphere target, I'm also a newbie but have fun searching around it
  4. Hi I tried attaching the dslr (nikon d3100) to the scope tonight (startravel 150) via a t rin and the supplied adapter with the scope. Seems to attach well enough but will not focus sharply, at full extension the focus is just out. One thing I have noticed is the camera does not know what lens is attached and so does not adjust the f stop, even manually using the camera I cannot set it. I can get some detail using the rit iso / shutter speed and have an understanding of manual slr photography but this has me stumped. I have attached it via the diagonal and direct to the focuser Can anyone offer any advice ?
  5. Kato


    Cloudy night, the scopes incredible so far cannot wait for clear skies
  6. Kato


    Scope arrived, thats first class service if you ask me, especially as I changed my mind more than once. Theres too many telescopes !
  7. Kato


    Hello from Hartlepool Just a quick note about myself, I have been using a skywatcher capricorn for the last few years learning my way around orion and a few stars as a bit of a hobby. I have decided to try and get more serious and go looking for some dso's and have a future aim to get into some photography but also just like exploring the stars with a whisky on clear nights I have just ordered a 150mm Skywatcher Startravel on an eq5 from FLO so looking forward to trying out my first decent scope soon ! Any advice or tips are welcomed !
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