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  1. Look forward to that tutorial to add colour , that looks the biz Rog.. Martin.
  2. Good work there Rog, you have done well to keep the glare down, for such a small crest it ain't half bright plus its low in the sky it must have been wobbling a bit.. 8) Martin..
  3. Looks like you stumbled on to something there combining the 2 filters, be interesting to see what you manage with more frames and that new camera (has it arrived yet) Rog how do you rate the cls filter as light polution round here is getting beyond the joke, just so much building work going on around leeds, soon it will be permanent day light :x Martin...
  4. looks better with colour Rog..How u do that with a b&w image, or did u use filters, or some secret way..lol Martin
  5. Thanks Rog i can remember doing it and could'nt believe it when the stacked image came out, one of those magic moments..
  6. Cheers Rog, hope to get one pretty soon, see what i can do then Happy new year Rog Martin
  7. Saturn From april 2005 Helios 8ins F5, atk1-c, 3X barlow and neodymium filter 640 frames stacked in registax Martin sorry its a old image
  8. Loads of Nebulosity there Roger :shock: wow Martin
  9. Another fantastic image Rog No1 with that 2hs Martin..
  10. Fabulous image of a difficult object 8) Martin
  11. Thats a top image Rog one of your best 8) Martin..
  12. Veil Nebula Taken with a 135mm lens and atk 2hs piggybacked to my 102mm skywatcher s/t.. Martin..
  13. Helios


    Moon Helios 8ins F5 Reflector with 0.5 F Reducer, Atk 1c and IR Block Filter Blueish background due to light skies when taken 60 frames stacked in registax Martin..
  14. No i live between leeds and wakefield so the light pollution is very bad round here, it's just a constant orange glow that sits low in the sky.. Martin
  15. Jupiter taken back in may 2005 Helios 8ins reflector f5, atik 1-c, 3X barlow and neodymium filter one of those lucky nights when everything was perfect.. 8) Martin..
  16. Mars 2005 Helios 8ins f5 reflector, 3X barlow, atk 1-c and neodymium filter struggled with mars could never get any detail, this is my best so far.. Martin..
  17. Orions Core Used my 8ins reflector at prime focus, Atk 2hs and IR Block Filter.. Is it just me but i find it hard to upload a image can you do it with out logging into isee stars every time :? Martin..
  18. Helios


    Hi to everyone at Stargazers.. My name is Martin been interested in astronomy since 2003, live near Wakefield W Yorkshire I use a 200mm Reflector, 102mm S/T Refractor and have 2 cameras a atk1-c and 2hs.. Martin..
  19. Running Man nebula.. Skywatcher 102mm S/T, Atik 2hs and IR Block Filter 20 Frames @ 10sec Always over looked this in favour of M42. Martin..
  20. How do you get your image to show up it took me ages did i have to use isee stars?
  21. Horse head nebula taken with a skywatcher 102 S/T, Atk 2hs and IR Block Filter.. Not had the 2hs long so still getting used to it plus i don't have a HA Filter i'm saving my penny's for one.. Martin
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