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  1. Found it very helpful and amusing Just my sort of teaching style.
  2. Ahh, thanks. the photo of it in place makes it look much more suitable. I had seen them on FLO but I wasn't convinced it would work with a compact camera.
  3. I just held it to the ep, but I found that quite tricky so I'll definitely be trying to think of ways to make it easier/find an adapter. I'd like to try taking video with it and play around with some stacking software, but the holding it still at the ep problem needs solving first. Are there such things as adapters for compact cameras?
  4. I got my first real look at M42 tonight, so I wish you luck too! A beautiful grey blob it is indeed, and the inner stars are like treasure.
  5. It's pretty poor here too, so I spent most of this evening gazing at the moon. I managed a quite peek at M42 too. Wimped out early and decided to get warm.
  6. Well I know it isn't great but I'm fairly happy with my first attempt. Taken with a Panasonic Lumix and SW 130mm Newt, 25mm ep. It's a new camera, I'm not at all experienced with photography or photoshop, so this is going to be a steady learning curve. Anyway, here it is, constructive criticism very welcome (fingers crossed, I'm not sure I even know how to attach an image!)
  7. I'm about to order some Baader film. This may be a silly question, but does it come with instructions for making up a filter? Obviously this isn't something I can get wrong, I like my eyes.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm a bit late to wish a happy Christmas, so perhaps a happy new year instead! I got a new camera and I bagged myself a laptop in the sales, so I'm hoping to start doing some basic imaging.
  9. Just thought I'd jump in here too. It's a huge shame that the OU is having to put its fees up, but if you feel like giving it a go, the time is now! If you register as working towards a qualification (Cert HE, Dip HE or BSc) in time then your fees are protected at the current level, which when combined with the fact that OUSBA exists (a very easy to use, low interest loan system to pay monthly for your fees) is quite affordable. I signed up for Introducing Astronomy as a hobby module, found I had a real thirst for learning and now I have plans to take my studies as far as I can. I finally feel like I'm forging myself a path and I have some sort of career plan. I love the OU Lee, I know your excitement! I'm waiting for my materials to be sent to me for my next module.
  10. Hi Leigh, welcome aboard from a fellow Northants newb.
  11. I did have a 5 acre field in the middle of nowhere, on the top of a big hill... with a static caravan and clay oven... And I decided to take up astronomy about a year after I gave that up. *sigh*
  12. I didn't even know this existed, I love it!
  13. Well the "I'll just go out with my bins" thing didn't last long. Too clear to waste! Sadly had to come in because of boring old work early in the morning. Boo. More nights like this please, I'll learn a lot quicker!
  14. So it is! I think I'll just go out with my bins for now...may be tempted to set up if it stays clear.
  15. I just noticed that if I key in 909^-1 = (and then the f-d) I get my original (backwards) answer. I really do need to do more maths! *edit* A friend just sent me a PDF copy of the course book I'll be studying in January, which explains it all perfectly. Thanks very much for your help George.
  16. Aha! In going back to my calculation I see a HUGE error. I got my figures upside down and was dividing time by distance... oh deary me! So now I have 9 x 10^6km / 9900s = 909kms Which is a lot more like it, but I still don't have that -1 If I do 9 x 10^6km x 9900s^-1 I get the same answer... but I never end up with the -1 in the answer.
  17. Hmmm. I think that if someone happens to be very much in the public eye, they could be doing far worse things with their time than inspiring people about science
  18. Thanks, it's becoming less foggy! Your example above makes sense, and I can kind of use the same method to find the answer to the recession question. But I'm failing to see exactly how or why it applies in this case. I will keep playing with it, I'm sure the eureka moment will turn up.
  19. I read this recently too, I enjoyed it. Although I think I will need to re read it at a later date to get more from it. Having said that, most of what I read lately seems like that!
  20. This is probably a bit of a dumb question, and it's entirely likely that when I'm shown the answer I will kick myself. http://openlearn.open.ac.uk/mod/oucontent/view.php?id=398528&section=1.2 Can anyone explain the answer to worked example 1? When I calculate it I never end up with that -1 on the end. I don't understand why it's there. In the case of part b, I calculated the answer to be 1.1x10^-3kms... the correct answer gives 10^3 kms^-1 Thanks in advance to anyone patient enough to help
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