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    Posted a long time ago on this forum and only just got back to browsing it so i thought i would Introduce myself again. My name is Jacob, i live in Devon and i am keen on astronomy! I have a youtube channel, nothing related to astronomy and very old videos tbh but be sure to check it out, heres a link to one of my videos, i will be uploading new ones soon though!
  2. Hey guys I'm after a bit of help for my mum. She has taken a picture of a dog and there are someones legs in the background of the photo and she wants them taken out of the photo. I would upload the picture to the thread but theres not much need as its basically just a dog on some grass with some legs in the background, its pretty simple If anyone thinks they can give it a go at removing the legs please PM me your email and i will email you the picture Thanks guys
  3. well I'm quite keen on the more complex articles which you say are in 'astronomy now' so what i might do is just buy one issue of each magazine and see which one i prefer thanks for the help mate
  4. yeah i found a 6 month subscription for 20 quid as well, just thought there could be cheaper places, guess not though. Is it a good enough read for me to dedicate to a subscription straight away or should i buy one first and decide if i like it? thanks
  5. anybody recommend the best/cheapest place to order it online?
  6. i saw something which matches your description on friday night, was really confused what it was lol
  7. Ok brilliant, thanks a lot guys! Yeah it is a very nice programme, i have made a picture of me meditating in my kitchen, and i made my self levitate in it hehe
  8. Heya guys! I downloaded the trial version of photoshop elements 10 and find it great to use, I'm really enjoying using it to make some wonderful pictures. The question is though, whats the difference between the trial version and the normal version i will be paying ~£55 for? Is there none and the trial version runs out after a certain number of days/uses? thanks a lot my fellow stargazers!
  9. Hey all. I have recently bought a macbook pro and i am not sure what software is the best to use on it for picture stacking etc. Could anyone give me a list of the best must have software to use on the mac and how much it costs? Thanks a lot
  10. Lol I'm sure there are parts which are free from..the people who like to do the other thing...
  11. What part of Exmouth do you live? I was on my way to Teignmouth yesterday and whilst passing holden forrest i noticed a very nice clear sky. Its high up and next to no light pollution there
  12. Hi everyone. I am going to be purchasing a new scope very soon and i have my eyes on this one at the moment First Light Optics - Celestron NexStar 4SE With this mount you can choose to have an optional extra with it which is the 'SkyTron Power Supply Cable for Skywatcher & Celestron Mounts'. What i was wondering is if i need it or not? What does it do? Thanks in advance guys!
  13. sounds similar to a problem a lot of people have. Do the pictures seem to be out of focus?
  14. how much would a heq5 mounts cost?
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