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  1. I have just got a telrad and I think its superb. Just sticks to scope with double sided sticky tape. Regards Dave
  2. Hi Scott congrads on the new scope just got one of those myself, its a steep learning curve but take your time and you will love it, Regards Dave
  3. I used the girlfriends dark brown nail varnish, worked a treat Dave
  4. I've Just got one too Claire, you'll have some great views. It was my first EQ but I soon got used to it Congrads Dave:)
  5. Have you aligned the finder scope/red dot finder with the telescope?
  6. I think I may have found out what's causing the problem. I have a GPS unit which plugs into the HC socket and the HC unit plugs into the GPS unit. Well tonight had a 2hr session with no problem that's because I did not use the the GPS,so it looks like it must be a bad connection!
  7. I haven't, No its only a few weeks old so I thought it would be up to date
  8. Can anyone help please my c8 SGT is OK to start with but after about 1.5 hrs its starts to give "no responds 16/17" on the handset. I thought it might be the power tank as it is a bit old but I have replaced it with a 7amp/13.8V bench top power supply but I still keep getting this problem. When this happens it slews and doesn't stop ! I Have also checked the connection to the mount and that is ok:icon_scratch: Dave
  9. I've got a C8 SGT and I don't think its overly loud:)
  10. Looks like a trip to maplins. Thanks for all your help Dave
  11. Thanks all of you for the good advice it is appreciated. Been having some "no response 16/17" on the handset and slewing not stopping. Scopes brand new so I think it could be the power tank had it a few years and part of that time it stood still for 9 months. What do you think? Dave
  12. Does anyone know if the celestron 17Ah power tank is the same as the Skywatcher 17Ah power tank as the specs look the same to me?
  13. Snap my Scopes out and ready too. Just having a cuppa Yipppppeeeeeee
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