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  1. cheers. will fill in a lottery grant for our school. Will have to get it signed off by the head when we are back though. Could have a problem with that though as the club is already going and some of the lottery blerb says its only to start new projects. but will see!
  2. Thanks for all the advice, I forgot to mention that the main scope we have is on a goto eq3 mount. My personal laptop is a mac and i have been using this. the main scope is an evostar 120 on a eq3 mount with the sync goto. Is there a device for moving cloud from the south wales vallies???
  3. welshdai


    First go at taking some snaps of the moon, done early evening with a little fog!
  4. welshdai


    First go with philips cam and rubbish solar filter!
  5. i have just started using a 900nc too. Not sure on the quality that can be found. will be doing the same thing as you and trolling though other peoples images. Im also using a mac and think there is an issue with the software that runs the cam. I will have to stay up and hope for less could and try mine out with Jupiter too! Have some sun spot shots and moon, but thats it so far.
  6. am glad you reminding me of that! have been meaning to sign up for that for a long time (2 years) just have to dig my teaching id number out! job for today!
  7. hello, i am a physics teacher and we use the parsec for magnitude calculations at ks5. and not much else really. I dont remember it coming up in any great detail lower down in the school other than "playing" with units. I can send through our a-level notes etc if it will help at all. cheers welshdai
  8. Hello, just thought i would ask for some advice... I am a physics teacher that has an astronomy club within the school. We have skywatcher (4.75inch, f/1000) scope 2xbarlow, 3xbarlow, (fairly decent quality) few eyes pieces (poor quality) philips 900nc webcam few smaller scopes I have managed to obtain a grant for around 400 pounds. The pupils would like to do more work with astrophotography What would be the best "things" to spend 400 pounds on! All suggestions welcome! cheers
  9. Super site. spot on for the pupils in my school! (and me since i can be an idiot when setting up our scopes)
  10. nice image always nice to see people trying something a little different!
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