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  1. Wow....the clouds are clearing for the first time in ages.

    1. Vince1963


      yeah but how long will it last lol

  2. Good Idea........I got a bonus from work recently and were all excited and talking in the office on what we would buy with our money. I said a new telescope and got all excited about it and started quoting focal lengths and aperture sizes they all just looked at me and laughed. They all took a bet when I was out the office that I would spend it on a new scope. LOL
  3. Clouds again....come on Mother Nature.

  4. Clouds are pants.

  5. That's a great article. I got my first set of binoculars when I was 12 and I still use them.
  6. Hello and welcome to SGL.
  7. Yep. I agree.....looking good SGL. Keep up the good work.
  8. Hello and welcome to SGL.
  9. Welcome to SGL Bernard.
  10. Hi, welcome to SGL. I'm new as well, its a pretty good place for hints and tips.
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