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  1. Yes I keep that obvious but does it make the cheapest skywathcer dovetail bar too flimsy for 200-1200mm focal? What I try to ask is "has someone fixed flexure setup with dovetail bar upgrade? " Afterall 30cm bar(profiled or solid) is allways MUCH more solid than 200p Newton tube..
  2. About dovetails: For matter of flexure, does it matter which one I choose if im doing some imaging? Is the cheapest skywatcher PS32 (33cm long) good enough?
  3. Okay I think I got this one, thanks. So this made me assume that EQDIR is RJ45 and it replaces the handcontroller. And autoguiding port is (ST4)/RJ12. Though.. I wonder whats the difference between "move DEC+ 12 steps" or "move DEC+ 12200 steps/RA-550 steps" I already dumb the EQDIR but perhaps re-consider.
  4. But are you saying that QHY5 can relay only autoguiding movements to the mount? Why not full GoTo functions?
  5. Did I get this correct: So even QHY5 have (TTL?) interface with mount, and it can move the mount (autoguide)with pc+software. BUT its not possible move the mount freely and have GoTo with PC? Im getting the HEQ5 syntrek soon.. Or is it possible connect QHY5 to syntrek handcontroller?
  6. I have 200p myself too and figuring this EQ mount thingy. EQ5 Pro synscan: Is this too weak? after all its on the limit, (9-10kg load)... or HEQ5 syntrek And i was thinking to add guiding scope to balance rod. Though I wonder are cheaper normal webcams up for the task? Can I point the guider scope anywhere on sky (brightest stars)? My Guider scope is f/6,3
  7. So I have this lying around, and I wonder can I make it autoguider with any cheap cmos webcam? I dont like Idea about 200e guider camera..
  8. Im also starting this hobby and asking Q's: If mount is autoguided, how much different mounts have difference in accuracy? For example EG3..EG6..Losmandy ect.. What kind of focal lenght and quality is needed for guiding scope? And as the OP asked: Can anyone advise on the cheapest set-up: guide scope, sw etc? I have also skyliner 1200/200mm(f6) How long subs can one have without guiding, if using shorter focals (85mm..300mm)?
  9. hmm. I thought that webcams sensors are the lowest quality and therefor not so good? Or is the bad link just the plastic lens in front of cam?
  10. jaffons

    Skyliner 250PX

    does the foam add any noticeable improvement?
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