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  1. Moser83


    Had a party Friday evening and when everyone had left thought I'd get my telescope out for a quick quater hour look at the moon. Just before I packed it away I thought I'd point it at a bright star just below and to the left. To my surprise I got my first look at Jupiter and it's moons I was well chuffed! There's quite alot of light pollution round our way wasn't sure I'd see anything.
  2. I'm thinking of making a bag to transport my Celeron Astromaster 114. What sort of things do you guys use? I've heard that padding out a cricket or large sports bag is a good cheap option.
  3. Moser83

    Hello I'm new

    Thanks for the invite chris, unfortunately I'm not able to make this sat but i'll definitely pm Shaunster and get details on other months. (I have such an awful shift rota at work!)
  4. Moser83

    Hello I'm new

    My girlfriend doesn't have a particular interest in astronomy, I can just about get her to watch a Brian Cox program! I was wondering the best places around here to get a decent sky away from street lights, thought the new forrest would be pretty good. I'd like to come along to the meets one day.
  5. Moser83

    Hello I'm new

    Thank you for all the welcome messages. I forgot so say who i am didn't I! I'm simon, 28, and i live in Fareham which is on the south coast between Portsmouth and Southampton. Is anyone else around this neck of the woods? My girlfriend has just bought me a telescope as a birthday present which is what prompted me to join the forum really.
  6. Moser83

    Hello I'm new

    Hiya I'm new to this forum and the hobby. I've had an interest in space for a while now but have only really been able to pick out a few constellations that I learnt as a scout. Looking forward to learning and seeing more of the universe.
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